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New York Skywatch November 18, 2014

reich-20s Orgone_Energy_Accumulator

icon for podpress  In Other News November 18, 2014 - Guest - Kevin Hinchey - Wilhelm Reich Full Length Documentary: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

In August of 2012, we spoke with Kevin Hinchey, one of the directors of the Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust in Rangeley Maine which operates the Wihelm Reich Museum about his progress in producing a factually accurate full length documentary film on the life and work of psychiatrist, research physician & scientist Wilhelm Reich. As many know, orgone energy was discovered by Wilhelm Reich. It s been described as a mass-less omnipresent substance that can coalesce to create organization on all scales, within the microscopic it s called bions, and the macroscopic structures would be clouds, and even galaxies. Wilhelm Reich also constructed what was known as cloud busters, he called it Cosmic Orgone Engineering. Earlier we spoke with Dr Konstantin Korotkov about measuring etheric energy, and orgone energy. Dr. Korotkov has scientifically measured it with electrophotonics, and its based on Gas Discharge Visualization. Wilhelm Reich Documentary  kickstarter campaign – They got it.

Orgone energy is real, it has been scientifically measured and yet the deliberate misrepresentation of orgone energy and Reich’s work continues to this day. What is it within the life’s work of Wihelm Reich that could be so threatening to the big business of cancer and disease that would marshal unprecedented resources and energy in trying to eradicate his discoveries from the historic record?

Guest – Kevin Hinchey is one of the Directors of the Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust in Rangeley, Maine, which operates the Wilhelm Reich Museum;   manages Wilhelm Reich’s medical and scientific archives which are located at the Countway Library of Medicine at Harvard University;  and works with New York publisher Farrar, Straus & Giroux to publish Reich’s books.  Mr. Hinchey is now writing a full-length documentary film about Wilhelm Reich, and recently completed work with a small group of professors on a syllabus for a one-semester college course about the life and work of Wilhelm Reich.


New York Skywatch Nov 10, 2014


icon for podpress  In Other News November 10, 2014 - Guest - Wanda Allen - Geoengineering: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

On this show, we will continue to report on the different facets of weather control engineering, or geoengineering or the aerosol operations, or climate engineering. The sudden awareness to the reality of these operations being conducted in plain sight can be a jarring experience. Many who have had this experience can’t believe how long it took them to finally see it. How can a veil be so strong to hide this reality from good, intelligent, caring humans on this planet?  We explore some of the reasons that could contribute to a delayed awareness.  In the opinion of some of the top researchers into climate engineering, geoengineering programs have been deployed in real time for the last 15 years.

It’s critical to remind listeners that programs such as solar radiation management are being conducted in real time, right now.  You may have noticed the aircraft releasing aerosol in the skies over New York City the past few days, that’s a geoengineering program.  These operations are done in secret and in plain sight. You could look at many aspects visual conditioning, lying by omission, sock puppet tv meteorologists who call the trails high cirrus clouds, normalizing the visual effects of the operations to children by embedding unnatural skies into animation films, the list goes on.

Guest – Wanda Allen - is from New Hampshire, and has given a powerful presentation on geoengineering, its side effects and she continues to fill in some missing pieces that some listeners may not have heard about before, such as Monsanto buying Weather Corp. Wanda joins us to discuss her story from becoming aware of the unnatural skies to producing a focused presentation on her research.


New York Skywatch October 30, 2014

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icon for podpress  In Other News October 30, 2014 - Guest - Richard Bruce - Shapeshifter Videos, Youtube and Harassment: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

We’re going to move a bit further out on the limb in this interview. In the past few years there have been many channels on youtube rising to popularity purporting to reveal humans shapeshifting into creatures with scales and claws, slit pupils, the zebra pattern and many other types anomalies. When you do the research you’ll find that its quite possible more than digital artifacts. Channels such as FrequencyFence who stopped posting for years claimed there were masking programs being used that were failing.  Either way, you’ll notice that the individuals shapeshifting are often news anchors, actors and actresses, or politicians. They’re the people often in positions within society to influence public opinion or to make legislation or maybe reaffirm a false story. You’ve heard this before? Yes it reads like a low budget film script. There’s a reason for that as well.

You might recall an interview with Carissa Conti who wrote Chasing Phantoms: Personal experiences, Observations and Theories into the Abduction/Mind Control Phenomenon where she described her experiences of being harassed, abducted and interfered with. We’ve also talked about how wireless RF microwave radiation interferes with the human brain frequency, and how a highly organized apparatus is set up around us to monitor the etheric or psychic realm. Our guest Richard Bruce had received a lot of attention last year when he uploaded a video titled Obama Clear Hand State of the Union 2013. The video shows the president’s hand becoming, transparent while he’s delivering the State of the Union. The video had 300 thousand views very quickly and Richard’s life was never the same. He’s currently homeless and unemployed, living off donations, and experiencing classic harassment and gangstalking techniques.  Richard continues to upload shapeshifting reptilian videos, he’s revealed more bizarre anomalies and the harassment constantly occurs. There are many more components to Richard’s story and we get into the detail.




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