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New York Skywatch December 26, 2013

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icon for podpress  In Other News December 23, 2013 - GUEST - CAROL CROFT - ETHERICWARRIORS: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

In January of this year we spoke with Don Croft about the quiet build up of microwave antenna towers, radar domes and multiple ionospheric heater sites. In the last 10 years our environment has been saturated with electromagnetic smog interfering with the base frequency of life on the planet. Yes, cell phone and other modern communication systems are carried on these towers, but there is more to the story.

To briefly review and connect the past shows on this topic, last year in June, Dr Konstantin Korotkov was on the show confirming that orgone energy can be measured using GDV cameras that he helped develop. We’ve also examined in a 3 part series, orgone energy as it relates to the man who discovered it, research physician and scientist Wilhelm Reich. Orgone energy  has been described as a biological energy in living substances that can coalesce to create organization on all scales, within the microscopic it’s called bions, and within the macroscopic structures, orgone energy would be clouds, and to even larger forms such as galaxies.

Over the years, the science and interpretation of orgone has branched out into various groups and has taken the form as a global effort of people crafting their own pieces of orgonite made from crystals, metallic shavings and resin.  There’s a formula to this including modifying Reich’s work in creating tower busters. The topics and viewpoints in this interview may be very subjective to some listeners.

Guest – Carol Croft with joins us to discuss  positive orgone energy, death towers and deadly orgone energy.

New York Skywatch August 26, 2013


icon for podpress  In Other News August 26, 2013 - GUEST -DR. BOYD BUSHMAN / DR. J. MARVIN HERNDON: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

We hear an excerpt from a past interview with Boyd Bushman a retired senior research engineer who worked for Lockheed Martin Skunk Works, Texas Instruments and Hughes Aircraft.

Many listeners may remember Jennifer Washburn’s report Big Oil Goes To College, that examined how in the past decade, the world’s largest oil companies Exxon Mobil Corp, Chevron Corporation, BP, PLC, Royal Dutch Shell Group and ConocoPhillips and many other large traditional energy companies with a direct commercial stake in future energy markets have forged dozens of multi-year, multi-million-dollar alliances with top U.S. universities and scientists to carry out energy-related research. This is another example of corporations shaping the scientific direction and consensus.

We’re joined by J. Marvin Herndon. He’s a geophysicist who came up with the radical theory about the Earth’s core and its relationship to the Earth’s magnetic field. The shield that protects our planet’s animal and plant life from the sun’s radiation. Dr. Herndon published the feature article in the wonderful Dot Connector magazine. The article is titled The Corruption of Science, and relays disturbing evidence of how the National Science Foundation and other institutional structures have created an oppressed environment for scientists effecting the free exchange of ideas. The article examines how to rid the scientific field in the United States of charlatans, science barbarians and create an environment how the truth can flourish and scientists can work freely without fear of retribution or denouncement for challenging ideas or failing to adopt the politically correct consensus-approved storyline.

Dr Herndon says the United States Congress should initiate an investigation  into allegations of abuse and possible criminal activity in the acquisition  and operation of at Cornell University, including the possibility of complicity and/or acquiescence by individuals at other universities and  by other government entities, including the U.S. Department of Justice and  the Attorney General of the State of New York.”


New York Skywatch April 30, 2013

icon for podpress  In Other News April 29, 2013 - GUESTS - DARLENE PIPEBOY - DANE WIGINGTON: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

Dakota elder Darlene Pipeboy and other Native Americans will be traveling to New York City and attend the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. Native American and indigenous groups meet each year at the UNPFII to discuss social development, culture, the environment, education, health and human rights.  At this forum, Darlene will also be discussing the spiritual movement of her people.

Guest -Darlene Pipeboy, activist and retired teacher from the Lake Traverse Reservation, South Dakota.

There is a mountain of data showing the damaging effects of the ongoing aerosol operations. Returning guest Dane Wigington is becoming one of the leading activists against geoengineering and revealing the harmful effects to humans and the ecosystems. Awareness is building within the academic community he says, it’s slow but it’s happening. Also after years of appealing to military whistle-blowers, a former Air Force soldier has confirmed the military’s involvement in atmospheric spraying operations.

Guest – Dane Wigington,  former solar power engineer and now runs the site

Listen to Dane’s interview on this youtube post. Thanks to ghombrero.




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