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New York Skywatch June 14, 2015

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Summer Solstice UFO Presentation.

DNNY Meeting Announcement

Date: Sunday, June 21, 2015

Time: 2pm-4pm (Please plan to arrive in lobby by 1:50pm to meet us.)

Location: CAP 21 Studios, 18 West 18th St., (Between 5th Ave. & 6th Ave., South Side of Street), 5th Floor, Room 505, NYC


Topic: “UFOs Over New York City: Night Vision & Daylight”

Program (Live Event) : Mike and Geoff present approximately 50 minutes each of some of the best top quality HD UFO footage captured in the skies of New York City.

Mike Irizarry (youtube – ufobeyond) will present nightvision footage filmed with a Xenonics scope. Last year, Mike amazed DNNY viewers with footage of flying discs similar to the NASA Tether video but . . . this was at “rooftop” level with super clear night vision. Mike has more rare night vision UFO footage to share. Unable to hide from the night vision scope,  these objects demonstrate unique aerial movements that defy conventional methods of propulsion. The night is alive with fleets, discs and fake star constellations.

Geoff Brady (youtube – budgetmoon) presented high color, footage of UFO’s, so clear that it prompted some attending a recent DNNY event to shout “photoshop!” and another attendee literally fell off her chair. That’s right, things are not as they seem. Flying manta rays, striped cylinders, stationary glowing spheres are some of the highlights in this presentation. Prepare to have your perspective and bearings challenged again.

Bio: Both Mike& Geoff are long time UFO observers and eye witnesses of UFO’s in the skies over NYC. They have presented among the clearest high quality authentic UFO footage over New York City. It’s not easy work to get the real footage presented. It comes with a price. Both Mike and Geoff been publicly attacked by trolls and individuals with disinformation agendas. Type “budgetmoon” into google. What’s the first video that comes up? Someone copied Mike’s entire youtube channel. They had to download and upload his (50 plus videos) onto their own channel. Who has that kind of time?

Please plan to attend what is bound to be one of the most interesting DNNY meetings to date and invite your interested friends to join us!

Meeting Details:
Admission: $10
R.S.V.P. Recommended for people attending the meeting for the first time.
e-mail: or Phone: 917.701.9033


New York Skywatch June 12, 2015

Boulter_H_052815a Boulter_B_052815a

icon for podpress  In Other News June 14, 2015 - Guest - Dr. Carmen Boulter: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

We talk today with returning guest Dr. Carmen Boulter. Dr. Boulter is the director, producer and writer of the powerful documentary series called The Pyramid Code. The series has aired in more than 30 countries and there many breakthrough discoveries in it such as how the Great Pyramid served as an energy generator. It was built on intersecting leylines and constructed with specific materials that are now thought to have harnessed and stored power. We talk about the recent discovery of a massive ancient underground site below the Hawara Pyramid in the Fayoum Oasis region south of Cairo, Egypt. It’s about 30 km from the Nile River. The area is rich in layered history known top layers are Roman, the second layers are Ptolemaic, further below 60 feet and then to 130 feet, the mysteries begin. The site has been measured to be 107 acres.

We also discuss how this site was rediscovered using space archeology. A software program was applied to enhance the visual output of a satellite camera. It read element signatures and depth. This technology will basically “see” through many feet underground revealing man-made structures for excavation purposes such as the city of Crete. As an aside, imagine the technology that exists to reveal the full spectrum of structures around the world and at further depth?

How old could this site be? It’s not known at this point but Dr. Boulter references the Calendar of Catastrophes and recalls the historic prophecy “when the head of the crab hits the heart of the lion.” This implies a processional cycle. Ancient texts reveal that Atlantis had 3 major catastrophes. One 13,600 years ago, another 17, 500 BC, and the first one, the date is unknown. Some of these geological time frames are depicted on the ceiling of the Temple of Dendera.

Guest – Dr. Carmen Boulter, is the creative source behind The Pyramid Code.  She is the director, producer, and writer of this powerful documentary series.  She has had unshakable passion for Egypt, and traveled there 25 times. Through embassy support, Carmen researched in the Egyptian Museum gaining official access to the Rare Books Library of the Faculty of Archaeology, Cairo University. This is where the field notes of excavations around the pyramids from the early 1900s are held.  Dr. Boulter is the author of Angels and Archetypes: An Evolutionary Map of Feminine Consciousness.

Here is the link to fund Dr. Carmen Boulter’s campaign to make the TV documentary The New Atlantis. 



New York Skywatch May 28, 2015

Posted this in June 2008, I suspect there is a similar pattern at work effecting Texas right now.

Iowa flood: Directed “disaster capitalism” to make way for the NASCO Super Corridor. This is why “full spectrum dominance” is so important to the military. Weather as a weapon. An act of God, plausible deniablilty. Captured on satellite imagery and other photos from the ground were bizarre unnatural anomalies similar to that over China and Myanmar.

While a high pressure dome created by HAARP
allowed the Eastern Seaboard to bake in a heat wave, the intentionally stalled front packed with devastating storms unleashed a torrent of energy above Iowa.

Below is a satellite image over Des Moines, Iowa June 9, 2008.


Yes, we are speculating here, I know it would be tough to find official government documents to back this up. Check out Weather Damage Modification Program. Ok, here’s a closer look of the incredible trailing over Des Moines on June 9th, 2008.


Why is this area of Iowa a target? It’s in the way of the Super Corridor.


Meanwhile, in a strange parallel, gamers across the country sit before glowing monitors and design weather systems that destroy towns and cities. A very astute skywatcher tells me about Elements of Destruction. “Move and manipulate Mother Nature to your design. The world is yours to using the forces of nature of your choosing. . . direct the forces of nature over rural, suburban and urban locations.” Here’s a screenshot.




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