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New York Skywatch December 25, 2012


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Early last summer, Dr. Paul Dobransky joined us live in the studio to talk about his visual system to understand and begin to utilize a healthy human boundary. He says your identity in life depends upon learning about boundaries, it’s also connected to learning how to be free from stress and how to command respect.  We go in a different direction today and look at the effects of pervasive social media for young people and the psychology of men in context of the recent mass shootings. Late last week, the calls for stricter gun control laws have since dominated the mainstream media narrative but as many listeners know, there is a deeper systemic problem, that transcends guns and even race, it’s connected to men’s psychology according to our returning guest Dr. Paul Dobransky. Dr. Paul points out that the gunmen are always male that rarely have a woman, or romantic interest and work problems or no job at all.

What cultural factors have contributed to these psychological states in young men, whether they are naturally or unnaturally induced. Is there more of a weakness or vulnerability to exploit within the male species or is this a cultural phenomenon?  Has our society forsaken the special considerations critical for the development of men and their psychology in these two areas of relationships and work?

There are other factors such as that 14 gunmen of the recent shootings were taking or withdrawing from psychiatric drugs such as Prozac, Zoloft, Trazodone, or Xanax. Nearly half of the shooters were seeing either a psychiatrist or psychologist.

Guest – Dr. Paul Dobransky is a psychiatrist, author, speaker and runs several websites, and He conducts seminars on dating and relationships with men and women. His system called Mind OS is the starting point for most of clients, and it covers a lot of material. But today we focus in on what contributes to overwhelming stress in young people, and the cultural factors connected to a healthy psychology in men and women.


Dane Wigington’s Latest Article: Can Snow Storms Really Be Engineered?

New York Skywatch December 23, 2012

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New York Skywatch August 13, 2012

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In June we talked with Dr Konstantin Korotkov about measuring etheric energy, and orgone energy. Dr. Korotkov has scientifically measured it with electrophotonics, and its based on Gas Discharge Visualization. As many listeners may know, orgone energy was discovered by Wilhelm Reich.  It’s been described as a massless omnipresent substance that can coalesce to create organization on all scales, within the microscopic it’s called bions, and the macroscopic structures would be clouds, and even galaxies. Wilhelm Reich also constructed what was known as cloud busters, he called it Cosmic Orgone Engineering, we talk about that and his life with guest Kevin Hinchey, Kevin is one of the directors of the Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust in Rangeley Maine which operates the Wihelm Reich Museum. Kevin also manages Reich’s medical and scientfic archives located at the Countway Library of Medicine at Harvard University.  He has written and produced the documentary A Man’s Right To Know, a rare look into Wilhelm Reich’s life, the film complimented by archived footage and photos. He’s currently writing a full length documentary film about Reich and recently completed a syllabus for a one semester college course about the life and work of Wilhelm Reich.

Kevin Hinchey:

  • He later discovered the same energy in the atmosphere.
  • It was a physical energy, we’re not talking about something metaphysical.
  • We’re not talking about an idea, we’re talking about something that can be seen, and measured and verified and used.
  • Orgone energy roots go back to Freud’s concepts of the libido.
  • Orgone energy is a biological energy in living substances, it is the sexual energies as well as other properties in the human organism and its also an atmospheric energy.
  • Reich would later come to think of it as a life energy.
  • He was a research physician and scientist who began his career as a psychoanalyst and psychiatrist in Vienna and Berlin in the 1920s and 1930s.
  • Rangeley, Maine, it was actually there where he discovered orgone energy in the atmosphere.
  • He discovered the same orgone energy in the atmosphere in July 1940.
  • It seemed to originate in the atmosphere as this ubiquitous, mass, free energy.
  • His discovery of atmospheric orgone energy revolutionized the research he was into disease and treatment.
  • It led to a device he made called the “orgone energy accumulator.”
  • It’s a modified Faraday Cage. By using the Faraday cage he ruled out that it was simply electromagnetism.
  • He realized these orgone accumulators can gather and hold orgone energy from the atmosphere.
  • He begins to use small orgone accumulators to see their effects on cancer mice.
  • He sees the effects it has on the tumors. The tumors can soften and then be eliminated.
  • Based on this, Reich eventually builds large accumulators. Large enough for a person to sit in.
  • Probably the most persistent distortion today about Reich, that the orgone energy accumulators were some sort of a sex box.
  • In August 1947, unannounced, an FDA agent showed up at Reich’s research center in Rangeley, Maine and began asking questions about his work.
  • The Mass Psychology of Facism – Wilhelm Reich

Guest – Kevin Hinchey is one of the Directors of the Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust in Rangeley, Maine, which operates the Wilhelm Reich Museum;   manages Wilhelm Reich’s medical and scientific archives which are located at the Countway Library of Medicine at Harvard University;  and works with New York publisher Farrar, Straus & Giroux to publish Reich’s books.  Mr. Hinchey is now writing a full-length documentary film about Wilhelm Reich, and recently completed work with a small group of professors on a syllabus for a one-semester college course about the life and work of Wilhelm Reich.





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