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Last year in June, Dr Konstantin Korotkov was on the show confirming that orgone energy can be measured using GDV cameras that he helped develop. We also examined in a 3 part series, orgone energy as it relates to the man who discovered it, research physician and scientist Wilhelm Reich. Orgone energy  has been described as a biological energy in living substances that can coalesce to create organization on all scales, within the microscopic it’s called bions, and within the macroscopic structures, orgone energy would be clouds, and to even larger forms such as galaxies.

Over the years, the science and interpretation of orgone has branched out into various groups and has taken the form as a global effort of people crafting their own pieces of orgonite made from crystals, metallic shavings and resin.  There’s a formula to this including modifying Reich’s work in creating tower busters. The topics and viewpoints in this interview may be very subjective to some listeners. If that’s the case, I might suggest putting this information into the wait and see category.

The quiet build up of microwave antenna towers, radar domes and multiple ionospheric heater sites in the last 10 years has saturated our environment with electromagnetic smog interfering with the base frequency of life on the planet. Yes, cell phone and other modern communication systems are carried on these towers, but there is more to the story.

We talk with Don Croft about how etheric warriors around the planet are using orgonite to help neutralize the EMF technology and much more.

Guest – Don Croft runs the sites Etheric Warriors and WorldWithoutParasites.com. EW is a site for people around the world to discuss their experiences creating and using the many varieties of orgonite such as cloud busters, tower busters, and wearing orgonite pendants.