Big thank you to everyone attending the Why In The World Are They Spraying meeting at the Vandam Diner in Manhattan. Though Michael Murphy was very sick with a fever/flu/cold, he did make it to the diner for the introduction and answered questions. He showed true dedication to rally and inform people about this dire issue and to ultimately help put an end to the illegal spraying of the Earth’s atmosphere.

Many of us got hit with this flu/cold sickness in December. In early December 2012 before Sandy Hook, the planes came from all directions dumping serious cargo for weeks.  The skies were saturated with particulates across the country. With certain frequencies of the Sun blocked and a steady rain of particulates permeating our environment, many began to fall ill.  This is a type of flu/cold that hit for a few days, went away then came back hard.  Remember, what you’re seeing in the skies is a delivery system for biological warfare.  A skywatcher sent this in today, language warning. Airspace above LAX gets blanketed on Jan 9, 2013.

Encore interview with Peter Champoux.

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Civilizations of the past have tuned into and used the Earth’s natural energies such as leylines, and energy grids.  Obelisks, Grecian arcs and national monuments adorn particular geographical points amid the  landscape. Is it arbitrary decoration? Or is there a profound body of knowledge that determines the location for these monuments, cathedrals and other structures.

Our guest this week, says leylines are the Earth’s nervous system, they’re wave forms that spiral and undulate similar to our own DNA. If these lines are kinked or blocked they can create a geopathic condition affecting DNA, health and social peace. Peter Champoux is the author Gaia Matrix: Arkhom and the Geometries of Destiny in the North American Landscape.

His research naturally expands to many interconnected topics such as landscape geometery, biomes, trees of peace and much more.  he’s stone mason, an environmental artist, a farmer, author, and geomancer.  Topics include largest quarried piece of magnetite at the Church of the United Nations, (the only link I could find on magnetite and the UN)  calcium is a memory holder,  the atmosphere was very different centuries ago, and  leyline origins.