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New York Skywatch October 30, 2011


Dane Wigington, solar power engineer and researcher into geoengineering, continues to lift the veil on the destructive effects “geoengineering” has on the Earth’s ozone layer.  He sends 2 articles Ozone 1 / Ozone 2.   Dane’s statement below.

Remember Rosalind Peterson’s research in pointing out how corporations are utilizing this aerosol program technology to warm up the Arctic to expose “resources.”   Meanwhile,  the Northeast is hit by a snowstorm October 29, 2011.  Here is video evidence of  aircraft releasing aerosol over city as storm system moved into New York City region. The aircraft at the end of the video suddenly stops releasing aerosol.


Regarding OWS, there isn’t signage against geoengineering or weather control operations.  Handed out DVDs with LongIslandSkywatch crew a week ago, got a better understanding of who to connect with.


Dane Wigington statement: Again it seems appropriate to wonder what will it take for the gravity of the aerosol spraying to be realized by a larger percentage of the population. What it will take to compel more people to make the spray issue a priority. What it will take to prompt more to take action in order to bring this most dire issue out into the light?

Each and every day the global assault on our planet, and all that lives and breaths, continues. The decimation being caused by the “SAG” (stratospheric aerosol geoengineering) programs can never be quantified. Though the article below, and others like it, do not mention SAG as a causal factor, the mountain of data on the undisputed effects of SAG paint an all too clear conclusion.  Particulate clouds (formed from the aircraft spraying) cause ozone destruction. Period (Search “geoengineering aerosols destroy ozone”). Are we to believe that the the extent of recent atmospheric ozone destruction now seen is most likely to be caused by by limited sources of “CFC’s” on the ground? Most of which have now been banned for decades? Or is it exponentially more likely that the clearly visible spraying occurring in our skies and around the globe, by countless aircraft, are the much more likely source?
World recognized geoengineer, David Keith, stated on the record his proposal of achieving an annual goal of 20,000, 000 tons of aluminum to be sprayed by jet aircraft (actual amounts are in all likelihood higher). All scientific study on the atmospheric effect of aerosol clouds makes clear that they shred ozone. Period. The higher the albedo of the aerosol, the more damage they do. (aluminum has 400% higher albedo than sulphur dioxide) This correlation can be seen on the chart in the article below which shows upper atmosphere temperature variations. The large spike upward in the early 90′s are due to the eruptions of Pinatubo and El Chicon. The particulates they expelled into the upper atmosphere were far less reflective than the aluminum oxide discussed in so many geoengineering patents. The very abrupt changes seen on the same chart that occurred in the early 80′s would seem an indicator of early deployment of the aerosol spraying programs. Volumes of data show clearly that many weather modification programs are much older still, going at least back to the late 40′s.
In addition to our atmosphere being literally ripped apart, there is of course the complete poisoning of the  entire biosphere from the ongoing spray programs (increasingly well documented by testing from around the globe). The complete disruption of natural weather patterns is also a given at this point. Any study of current satellite imagery shows the planet is largely encased in a “haze” that was not visible in “earth” photos from decades now past. In addition to the “global dimming” (volumes of data can be found under this heading on any search engine), there is the now ever more “usual” above freezing temperature snow events. As mentioned in earlier statements, though such phenomenon is naturally possible to a small degree under unique, rare, and unusual conditions, it is now often the norm. Especially in the fall and spring when such manipulation is much harder to hide due to the overall temperatures in regions of the anomaly being far above freezing. The new “threshold” of temperatures producing snow events is now commonly much farther above freezing than historical rare “above freezing” snow events. As stated in earlier reports, the air temps in the regions experiencing these events eventually cools down,(partially due to the albedo effect of snow) though often only briefly. The descent into the winter months will more effectively hide such manipulation.One must also consider the “HAARP” facility and its probable connection to much of the “freak weather”. Main stream media always explains it all away as the are instructed by those pulling their strings. Just like “Agent Orange” for several decades, and more recently, the Gulf oil spill and Fukushima. In the case of NOAA, Weather Channel, and the National Weather Service, Raytheon is their “puppet-master”.
Ice “nucleation” is a very complex subject . Though many if not most assume water always freezes at 32F, this is way off the mark under many conditions. Current scientific data shows conclusively that pure water can require temperatures as low as -30 c to freeze in containers not conducive to ice nucleation. Ice nucleation can also be induced at temperatures as high as +10 c when particles are present that are effective for ice nucleation (search “ice nucleation for weather modification” or other related headings). Again, this is a complex subject with a great many studies and variables. The bottom line on “artificial ice nucleation” (artificial snow) is this, there are a number of patents on this subject with the expressed goal of inducing snow and we are daily now witness to far above normal temperature snow events around the country and around the globe. Again today there is snow occurring in many parts of the north eastern US at temps in the high 30′s to low and mid 40′s. Are we to think China can achieve this and the US can not? (Search “china produces artificial snow storms”)
The sun feels increasingly hot on your skin because it is is. UV readings in are rising around the globe. The “UV” scale, once “1-10″ is now “1-16″. Not many seem to have noticed yet, but that will soon change if our protective layers of the atmosphere continue to be shredded by the spaying. The second article attached below makes clear the effort that is now being undertaken to hide the ozone problem by refusing to let scientists communicate with media. Nearly all current information is controlled. Finding the truth is an ever more difficult endeavor.
At the risk of to many repeated statements from former reports, I will say again that I believe an ever growing mountain of scientific data makes all too clear the lethal consequences of the spraying. Its destructive and toxic fall out is ever more evident around the globe. I further believe that available data also makes clear that it is our greatest and most immediate threat short of nuclear disaster. I continue to hope that all who are aware of this most dire issue will do everything in their power to bring it to light for the masses before our biosphere is damaged beyond any meaningful recovery. I hope that those who have been “sitting the fence” on the direly important issue of the spraying will begin to truly realize its gravity and help in the effort to expose this greatest of all untold crimes in human history.The concerned should take the time to do real investigations on their own. To verify the facts laid out above in regard to SAG ozone destruction, and the complete biosphere toxification from the same. If all pulled together, who knows what good we may yet accomplish. Our “collective futures” are in the balance.
Thank you Dane Wigington.
Lastly, more articles on geoengineering propaganda


New York Skywatch October 7, 2011

Sent from Pauline Cantwell at WorldAlert.  Check the media blitz on “geoengineering” after a media black out. Yes, a task force is upon the unsuspecting collective hearts and minds.  So, they’re telling you now that the proposal to geoengineer will be deployed in real time.  Even though it has been admitted that for the past 10 years, aircraft tanker after aircraft tanker dumped their aerosol cargo in the upper atmosphere across the planet.  Add to that, mountains of  video and photographic evidence  from the past decade.

Comment from today:

I have noticed the last two days very large planes (they must be big as they were visible to the naked eye and way up there) flying high and leaving trails. They start over Staten Island and travel over Brooklyn towards CT. I saw two fly
parallel, one higher than and a little behind the other.  I have observed other planes leaving trails in the past but this is something I have not witnessed before. As I said they were very high and very big. Also the trails fade away after about 10-15 minutes.

thank you. .


Oct. 5, 2011
BPC in the News

New York Times publicizes bipartisan call for research on climate-disruption countermeasures

Oct. 4, 2011
BPC in the News

Time to Geoengineer the Climate? Scientists Say We Should Get Prepared News

Oct. 4, 2011
BPC in the News

Bipartisan Policy Center Urges Research Into Geoengineering
Duke University Press

Oct. 4, 2011
BPC in the News

So you want to manipulate the Earth’s climate…
The Washington Post

Oct. 4, 2011
BPC in the News

New Report Urges U.S. to Fund Research on Geoengineering

Oct. 4, 2011
BPC in the News

Panel recommends US geoengineering research program

Oct. 4, 2011
BPC in the News

Bipartisan Group Wants U.S. to Get Serious About Geoengineering

Oct. 4, 2011
BPC in the News

Geoengineering Goes Legit
Rolling Stone

Oct. 4, 2011
BPC in the News

It’s time for the US to study geoengineering
Marc Gunter


New York Skywatch October 4, 2011

icon for podpress  In Other News October 3, 2011: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

Open lines, great calls. Looking back, in the last few months we’ve had on several guests discussing geoengineering and weather control programs. By now many listeners may understand these topics are very real and occurring in real time. That’s the emphasis made often is that while we hear about geoengineering proposals, it is occurring in real time. In July, our guest Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri discussed her research on studying the effects of ambient airborne powdered metals on the human beings. We talked with Rosalind Peterson again this past August about the artificial warming of the Arctic and the reasons behind that effort. You can see all of their work at Californiaskywatch.

Then J. Marvin Herndon, a geophysicist discusses his theory about the Earth’s core and its relationship to the Earth’s magnetic field. But he published the feature article in the wonderful Dot Connector magazine. titled The Corruption of Science, and relays disturbing evidence of how the National Science Foundation and other institutional structures have created an oppressed environment for scientists effecting the free exchange of ideas.

An intentional hobbling to the advancement of free thinking among scientists. The article examines how to rid the scientific field in the United States of charlatans, science barbarians and create an environment how the truth can flourish and scientists can work freely without fear of retribution or denouncement for challenging ideas or failing to adopt the politically correct consensus-approved storyline.

Many listeners may remember Jennifer Washburn’s report Big Oil Goes To College, that examined how in the past decade, the world’s largest oil companies Exxon Mobil Corp, Chevron Corporation, BP, PLC, Royal Dutch Shell Group and Conoco-Phillips and many other large traditional energy companies with a direct commercial stake in future energy markets have forged dozens of multi-year, multi-million-dollar alliances with top U.S. universities and scientists to carry out energy-related research. This is another example of corporations shaping the scientific direction and consensus.

Dr Herndon says the United States Congress should initiate an investigation  into allegations of abuse and possible criminal activity in the acquisition  and operation of at Cornell University, including the possibility of complicity and/or acquiescence by individuals at other universities and  by other government entities, including the U.S. Department of Justice and  the Attorney General of the State of New York.

Then we spoke with Dr Judy Wood, author, researcher of Where Did The Towers Go? Evidence of Directed Free Energy Technology on 9/11. What Dr. Judy Wood has done is beyond words,  she brings us fact based information revealing how the iron and aluminum structures were turned into fine particulate dust. “The buildings turned to dust in the air.  Her evidence shows there’s no debris pile that justifies the collapse of two 110 story towers. The information here is vital to everyone on the planet.  The goal of this research is to spread the word that free energy technology was used on September 11, 2001 for the world to see.

And recently, Professor Eric Larsen spoke about his recent book The Skull of Yorick: The Emptiness of American Thinking At A Time of Great Peril. Studies In the Cover Up of 9/11 and A Nation Gone Blind: America in an Age of Simplification and Deceit.

According to Professor Larsen, clear exposure of the truth about 9/11 is the only way to stop the wholesale plunder and destruction in the United States. Is that possible, everyday, hopeful hearts and minds tune into progressive media sources and trust the content is sincere, and honest.

Professor Larsen says, even those media outlets have gatekeepers. It’s not news to listeners, but acknowledging the people who continue to cover up the reality and truth of what happened on September 11, 2001 is the first step to break free of the systematic take down. Professor Larsen describes the subtle and creepy cover ups in the progressive media and intellectual circles that continues to imprint itself into history.

Many understand that censorship exists within progressive media, just as advertisers will pull their support from commercial media outlets based on certain content being broadcast.

How would the hearts and minds that trust progressive media such as the New York Times, National Public Radio respond if they were aware that their trusted source of information is manipulating them, broadcasting half truths and full blown lies.

Professor Eric Larsen, is the author of many books including A Nation Gone Blind: America in an Age of Simplification and Deceit. and The Skull of Yorick: The Emptiness of American Thinking At A Time of Great Peril. Studies In the Cover Up of 9/11.  Professor Larsen has a PhD in English from the University of Iowa and joined the English Department of John Jay College of Criminal Justice, in the City University of New York. Check out Oliver Open Press



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