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Last Saturday’s presentation at the Commons Brooklyn, was a promising event.  Bonnie Hoag with the Bonnefire Coalition plus Cindy and Jim from LongIsland Skywatch presented some of the most in depth research on those involved with weather control tech on the corporate levels.  There was an hour film presented  of aerosol planes, helping to identify those aircraft.

This week on In Other News, Colin Andrews, one of the leading investigators into crop circles, human consciousness and HAARP-like radar anomalies.  There were some “technical problems” with phone connections.

Nearly 4 years ago,  we interviewed author and researcher Jerry Smith on his book titled HAARP, the Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy. A great title because it does imply plausible deniability. HAARP as many listeners may is the acronym for The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, its an ionospheric research program jointly funded by the US Air Force, the US Navy, the University of Alaska and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. In America, there are two related ionospheric heating facilities: the HIPAS, near Fairbanks, Alaska, and (currently offline for reconstruction) one at the Arecibo Observatory Link text in Puerto Rico. The European Incoherent Scatter Scientific Association (EISCAT) operates an ionospheric heating facility, capable of transmitting over 1 GW effective radiated power (ERP), near Tromsø, Norway.[13] Russia has the Sura Ionospheric Heating Facility, in Vasilsursk near Nizhniy Novgorod, capable of transmitting 190 MW ERP.

The fluxgate magnetometer built by the University of Alaska Fairbanks Geophysical Institute, charts variations in the Earth’s magnetic field. Right before the Japanese earthquake, this chart went from flatline quiet to off the charts. This isn’t the only reason why many point to HAARP as a device that weaponizes the earth natural forces. Radar anomalies began to show up on radar maps over Australia during historic catastrophic floods. Remember the interview with Dane Wigington? He had mentioned that in a possible agenda of disaster capitalism, large swaths of land were flooded in Australia then as farmers and land owners gave up their property, land was sold for pennies on the dollar. Then, the pattern of flooding rains vanished. We know from Cindy Pikoulas a researcher we’ve had on the show that defense contractors, such as Raytheon, was contracted to monitor and feed the public weather data until 2014.  Raytheon owned HAARP at one time, and was in partnership with NOAA and Hughes Aircraft.