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New York Skywatch March 29, 2011

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This week on In Other News, we discuss the life of author John Keel. Many listeners may remember the film, The Mothman Prophecies, released in 2002. It was based on the 1975 nonfiction book of the same name by parapsychologist and Fortean author John Keel. The film stars Richard Gere as John Klein, a reporter who researches the legend of the Mothman. It is based on actual events that occurred between November 1966 and December 1967 in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. It may come as no surprise that the film is loosely based on his book. The book combines Keel’s account of his investigation into alleged sightings of a large, winged creature called Mothman in the vicinity of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, during 1966 and 1967 with his own theories about UFOs and various supernatural phenomena.

John Keel passed away in July of 2009, he was the author of many books including Jadoo, UFOs Operation Trojan Horse, Strange Creatures From Time and Space, Our Haunted Planet , The Mothman Prophecies, The Eighth Tower and Disneyland of the Gods. As a child in upstate New York, he was an avid reader, devouring books on magic, humor, science, travel and aviation. By 17 he hitch hiked to Manhattan to Greenwich Village, became an associate editor of poetry magazine and a weekly newspaper. We follow his life through his career as a writer of early TV scripts, classic fiction and up to his investigative work into UFOs, and the paranormal.

We talk with Forteans  Doug Skinner and Anthony Matt, documentary filmmaker,  3D photographer.  Doug is a musician, actor and writer. He runs the website and that’s where you can go back in time, and view rare photos, rare photos of John Keel and friends, and also read about John Keel’s life.


New York Skywatch March 22, 2011

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This week on In Other News, open lines discussing psychopathy, psychic vampires, removing fluoride from the water, spiritual consequences of fluoride, geo-engineering, Morgellon’s, and much more.  Pacifica’s New York City listeners are on point on every call.

In this video, a possible breakdown in the holographic technology.


Also, two events coming up. On Saturday March 26, a screening of What In the World Are They Spraying? at the Commons Brooklyn. Come out and meet like minded people who what to know more about these ongoing operations.  On Saturday April 9,  Who Owns The Weather?  Part 2. This is part two of our series on geoengineering. We have all seen crisscrossing streaks of white clouds trailing behind jet aircraft, stretching from horizon to horizon, eventually turning the sky into a murky haze. Officials say they are the normal contrails of jets. More and more scientists say that there is nothing normal about them. Some call it geoengineering. NASA calls them Persistent Jet Contrails and says they are a problem. Geoengineers call them Solar Radiation Management and say they are a solution. By any name they are a problem, raining down toxins into our water and soil. This is also at the Commons Brooklyn.

New York Skywatch March 15, 2010

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This week on In Other News, we’re joined by Rosalind Peterson, former USDA crop loss adjuster and one of the leading investigators into the chemical fallout from ongoing geoengineering and weather control programs. Rosalind operates and AgricultureDefenseCoalition. org. Rosalind Peterson delivered a speech in 2007 about the effects of geoengineering at the United Nations, and with activist Pauline Cantwell she had brought Geoengineering information packets to Congressmen and women in Washington DC.  Today we discuss the aftermath of the 9.1 earthquake that struck Japan and specifically the radioactive releases from Japan’s Nuclear Power Plants.  Our hearts go out to the people in Japan, who are experiencing terror and grief on a massive scale. There haven’t been many reports of rioting or looting. The people of Japan are helping each other, and handling the catastrophe, with diginity  and guts.
We talk with Rosalind Peterson about these possibilities and how weather control technology was deployed after the Chernobyl meltdown. We then discuss an exclusive investigation into weather markets, wagering weather futures and related corporations, military and government agencies.

Could this radiation circumnavigate the globe and damage food supply and agriculture or have a synergistic effect with the geo-engineering aerosols?

More great calls in the second half of the show. A caller mentioned seaweed and spirulina to help the body against radiation. The solution is in the environment.




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