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New York Skywatch February 15, 2011

icon for podpress  United We Strike Interview - CINDY PIKOULAS / BONNIE - BONNEFIRE COALITION / MIKE MURPHY: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download
icon for podpress  United We Strike Interview - CINDY PIKOULAS / BONNIE - BONNEFIRE COALITION / MIKE MURPHY 2: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

Information packed interviews with  Bonnie from the Bonnefire Coalition, Cindy Pikoulas of Long Island Skywatch with guest Mike Murphy producer of What In The World Are They Spraying, hosted by United We Strike.

Help Support NYC Council Member Peter Vallone’s legislation to remove fluoride from the drinking water of New York City.  Call NYC City Council Speaker Christine Quinn’s office at
(212) 788-7210. They need to hear from you to schedule a meeting so then they can schedule a public hearing. Here are the members of the Committee on Health, they need to hear from you also.


New York Skywatch February 2, 2011

icon for podpress  In Other News January 31, 2011, GUEST - BILL BROWN, SURVEILLANCE SOCIETY: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

This week on In Other News,  returning guest Bill Brown joins us. Bill is the director of the Surveillance Camera Players,  a performing troupe that began to call out the inefficiency of surveillance cameras in 1996. Bill says that the cameras aren’t designed to stop crime, but really they’re saying, we don’t really care if you’re a victim of crime, we’re not going to stop it. We only care when you’re a victim.

It’s not new but worth revisiting. We discuss the efficacy of surveillance cameras and who profits from the industry.  As Times Square was evacuated twice last year, one for a failed bombing attempt, and then for a cooler. Mayor Bloomberg has publicly announced the push to expand the Lower Manhattan Security Initiative to Midtown. He announced that 110 million dollars is set aside to expand the LMSI into Midtown. but as these terror plots are politicized, who stands to gain monetarily. Looking back we see former New York police chief Bernie Kerik who made 6.2 million in stock options from a company that sold stun guns to the department, we see former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani’s consulting firm, we see on the heels of the underwear bomber, former secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff’s security firm, the Chertoff Group and its client take the contract to supply x-ray scanners in airports, and now another 24 million to install a network of cameras to track and record every vehicle moving between 34th and 59th Streets, river to river.”   Open lines and great calls.

Meanwhile, several skywatchers caught the aerosol strike on January 31, 2011 and two jets flying in tandem, crossing their own paths as they aim to bisect a drifting trail segment. Note the 2 types of trails. A pinkish brown trail and a blue trail. The pilots appear to be having a good time, insulated by the protection of national security.  This activity, as a fourth major winter storm system approaches the northeast US. As weather control tech takes over, forecasters can’t accurately predict much at all.



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