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New York Skywatch September 25, 2010

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Geoengineering the Climate: Ethics, Potential and Politics

Eli Kintisch, author, reporter, Science

Scott Barrett, Lenfest-Earth Institute Professor of Natural Resource Economics, School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University.


In Eli Kintisch’s talk, he essentially says, geoengineering is a big risk, not a good idea, but inevitable.  Inevitable, because if this country doesn’t begin to experiment with geoengineering another country will.  His rhetoric seemed strangely similar to David Keith, physicist from Calgary Canada.

Scott Barret, agrees with Eli and goes a step further. He says, the democratic process to decide whether geoengineering is necessary will vanish during an emergency situation when this technology needs to be deployed.  There will be mistakes and problems Scott says as the experiments to alter the atmosphere chemically and reflect the sun with mirrors in space.
All of this hinged on the climate data from the IPCC and other sources that point to a warming planet that needs to be cooled down and possibly cooled down in a hurry.

Both speakers were asked to comment about the ongoing aerosol program. Eli says it’s a conspiracy, and doesn’t believe it. Scott doesn’t know anything about it.  Yet Eli knows there is some info and websites about the topic, while he hasn’t researched much about the ongoing aerosol programs, he knows enough to say he doesn’t believe and if someone does raise the topic publicly he will dismiss it by calling it a conspiracy.

I wonder what their views on climate gate are?

Here is a recent article by Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri- Observations On A Damaged Society. “Over the past three years, in order to investigate and observe more closely the vast weather modification across the United States and Canada, I have driven back and forth across the country four times. As part of my research, I also have met with some of the top scientists and researchers. What I knew to be the “United” States (now heavily manipulated behind the scenes by powerful corporations and compliant federal and state governments) today is hardly to be seen.

Some of the US façade remains. But the very deep chasms (no longer mere cracks in our society) are evident everywhere. In fact, one could equate another level of our economic and political chaos with the explosions and underwater chasms in the Gulf of Mexico oil rig catastrophe. It is all part of the bigger, inter-related picture of destruction.”

Carol Pellatt’s downloadable military reports / Rosalind Peterson’s exhaustive list of weather control studies and pdfs.

New York Skywatch September 20, 2010

On the days when the spraying activity is visible, you can see the planes laying down long trails and dashes, HAARP is heating clouds, etc, it’s then, when people complain of a wide range of symptoms, fatigue, jittery, lack of concentration. . .

Ann sends this in from Oregon, near the coast. ” This photo was taken around 2p and you can see the BLACK GOO beginning to drop from the cloud like some horrific rain.  I thought this photo with the black precipitation looking like a shadow figure was especially nasty. For the next couple days, the pressure changes in front of the manipulated rain storm were so severe, I had to stay in bed.  It was like being sea sick. Many people in Reedsport were like the walking dead – zombies, barely able to function.”

It is known by many that the heaviest of weather control work occurs on the West Coast plying systems as they move from west to east across the continent.  You can monitor with the NexSat images on the West Coast.  Steven writes in about a possible Morgellons case. I got a rash on my back that I thought was ringworm July 4th this year.

I developed a rash on my back, I can’t say that it is or isn’t Morgellons but symptomatically I believe it may be. I developed what looked like ringworm after I evicted a bat from the hallway in an apartment building that I manage, almost 2 months later it’s still hanging on. Every time it comes close to going away, I get new ones all over the place, I do have a potential treatment though. The tea tree oil keeps them from growing and in about every 3 days the new ones start. My problem is finally going away after 2 months.

I know the picture of my back doesn’t look like Morgellons but initially I thought I was treating ringworm, it wasn’t until I used the tea tree oil that it kept spreading until that was what I had. Symptomatically I believe it was morgellons.  I had the headaches, loss of eye site, unbelievable fatigue.
Do either of you know anything about iridology? (NEWS TO ME) It’s a study of the eyes and how to use them to diagnose illness. I have a set of charts and a tutorial on how to use them.  I ask because that was one of my problems, my eyes were really getting bad. Iridolgy say’s that every part of your body is connected to your eyes and if you have a specific type of mark on your eyes, it means something. There are only 2 eye colors in the human race, blue and brown any variation and your sick. As an example: green or  hazel eyes means the blue eyed person is toxic.  Like every one else I was trying to treat it topically but franken fungus doesn’t live on the skin, it’s intestinal.
I’m still  using the neem leaf I showed you last but I decided to use the parastroy also and have not been sorry. I woke up the last 2 mornings itching but now it’s because the dead fungus is coming off, see the attachment.  If you use these things on your child, she should stay out of school until the loose stools firm up, I have stayed in the bathroom. As the fungus dies it makes an awful mess. I hope this finds you well and if you need anything let me know. If you want to contact Steve, send us an email and we will forward to Steve.
It is a university level physics experiment to use a tub of cool water and inject a colored stream of warm water into it. You can see the boundary layers of the warm water stream. If you add oil to the tub it breaks down the boundary layers of the warm water stream and effectively destroys the current vorticity . This is what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico and in the Atlantic Ocean.

New York Skywatch September 12, 2010

It’s suspected that pilots are required to release man-made cloud aerosol in a more stealth fashion over areas of dense population.  Remember if it were atmospheric conditions creating this effect amid commercial air traffic, you wouldn’t see deviant flight paths, accelerated speeds, and other anomalies.  But, to catch it on film, you need to stand out there for a couple hours.  Even then, it’s a challenge to capture the “planes” on film. When you do, they don’t look like regular aircraft as most skywatchers have seen by now. Reflections and sparkles in odd places, moving 3 times the speed, bad paint jobs, extra lumps and engines, areas appear transparent, etc.

HOUSTON (KTRK) — Our newsroom was flooded with calls Saturday by viewers alarmed about a plane flying in circles over north Harris County on the 9-11 anniversary.

Several Spring residents say they saw a strange aircraft flying overhead late Saturday afternoon. They described it as having no lights, unlike planes that fly overhead usually towards the airport and leaving hefty vapor trails. Residents say it circled overhead twice, cut a patch and then circled there before coming back above their homes.

One man said no one knew what this was and all of this happening on the anniversary of 9/11 terrified him. He says he’s still shaken and doesn’t know if he’ll be able to sleep tonight.

“I have never seen this before. We see planes fly out of Intercontinental Airport every night, going over our house,” said eyewitness Pete Smith. “This didn’t fly over. This made a U-pattern, made another circular pattern.




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