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New York Skywatch June 27, 2010

Thanks to all for making it to the Anthology Film Archives, we had dinner afterward, wished more could have joined us for that.  It was a great day, we will do it again.

There was the recent CSI NY propaganda placement about Fluoride and “chemtrails” now here is another :

UK print propaganda from the Daily Mail – Attack of the vapours – how jet trails block out the sunshine.

The Daily Mail did get the word “attack” right, but alas, this is for a mass control, right when someone is waking up, stretching out there arms, scratching, getting up out of bed, this Daily Mail story could put them back to bed.

Here is the video from theIntelHub interviewing a former Evergreen International Aviation contractor who worked on retrofitting civilian aircraft to become spray planes.  This person goes by KrisH, he says that the planes are so massive, they would have made more money hauling cargo instead of fitting them with liquid tank systems for discharge.

Many researchers have exposed the connections with Evergreen International Aviation, aerosol spraying aircraft, the poisonous dispersant Core Exit 9500 and the CIA. Evergreen International Aviation Inc. has that type of secret intelligence history, from taking right-wing talk show host Bill O’Reilly to Iraq, torture and renditions and to be accused of spraying the people on the coastline of Alabama with toxic Core Exit at night, as reported by filmmaker James Fox.  More info on Pinal Air Park / CIA

The other issue with these “private” airbases is their apparent remoteness which also helps for “plausible deniablility.” From above it appears to be a bone yard of aircraft, yet some speculate there are sprawling underground bases below these Air Parks. Makes sense if you need to conceal the transport of powdered metals.

Those paying attention have seen the connections as these catastrophic events unravel. That BP leaders sold their stocks through Goldman Sachs days before April 20, the Evergreen, spray planes, Core Exit 9500 dispersant secrecy. The Air Force Reserve using  KC-135’s and KC-10s to spray aerosol chemicals over a civilian areas.  Here are photos from the Air Force Reserve Command.

Remember, you are not witnessing mistakes or accidents. It is suspected that Core Exit 9500 is used to allow for the poisons to be evaporated into the clouds. Watch for the weather control technologies, manipulating weather events and storms to target areas. The other issue is a push for mandatory vaccines for everyone. We’ve seen deliberate occlusion of  sunlight, deliberate raining down of toxins and metals, massive disaster capitalism and the push for mandatory vaccines for everyone, no exceptions.  Human DNA and immune system is the target. Depopulation cloaked with plausible deniablility.

Check out -  Cosmic rays can change DNA!! Human DNA change in 2012 explained.

Meanwhile, this news in Canada. The head of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, facing a backlash from two premiers and the Harper government’s refusal to come to the aid of its top spy, backed away Wednesday from a public declaration that unnamed high-level provincial politicians are under the control of foreign governments.


New York Skywatch June 22, 2010

Coming back to orbs, ufo’s,  shape-shifters, atmospheric fauna and fleets.  The late John Keel wrote as a newspaper reporter all about parallel realities running along side us.   It’s told in stories within the Cherokee and Hopi culture. and many more original, indigenous cultures.  Specifically in New York, John Keel describes this vintage sighting in The Mothman Prophecies.

“Another kind of Man in Black haunted Brooklyn, New York, in 1877-80. He had wings and performed aerial acrobatics over the heads of the crowds of sunbathers at Coney Island. A Mr. W. H. Smith first reported these strange flights in a letter to the NEW YORK SUN, September 18, 1877. The creature was not a bird, but a ‘winged human(oid) form.’

“This flying ‘man’ became a local sensation and, according to the NEW YORK TIMES, September 12, 1880, ‘many reputable persons’ saw him as he was ‘engaged in flying toward New Jersey.’ He maneuvered at an altitude of about one thousand feet, sporting ‘BATS WINGS’ and making swimming-like movements. Witnesses claimed to have seen his face clearly. He ‘WORE A CRUEL AND DETERMINED EXPRESSION.’ The entire figure was black, standing out sharply against the clear blue sky…   Imagine interviewing those witnesses?

There are also sightings in the infra-red, (Trevor James Constable) His first book, “They Live In The Sky” in 1958, in which he advanced the shocking theory that UFOs were mainly invisible. He held also that our atmosphere was the home of huge, invisible living creatures, and that these were mutually confused with spacecraft when they became visible.

Then you look at the night vision footage of Prophet Ezikel and others. This film however is all daylight footage.

The skies are inspiring in New York,  there’s a wide range of moods, it’s raw beauty and bleak.  What is it about the higher elevations that have called mystics to ascend toward mountain caves for insight?  Have this atmospheric fauna always been around?

Tell your friends who are interested, and come out to see the film at the Film Anthology Archives June 26  – - 4pM.


New York Skywatch June 14, 2010

I saw someone reading this paper last week, reference floods in Warsaw, notice the date. This is reaffirming the global technology and agenda. Here’s the translation – Aircraft of the Polish tajeminicze Father Stanislaw tomon, a spokesman for Jasna Gora says that the success in Poland is due to artificial human interference and technology, nature.

This, as most of the former Polish administration were killed in a plane crash riddled with bizarre after-stories.  That administration refused the H1N1 vaccines also.

icon for podpress  In Other News June 14, 2010: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

Today the last “In Other News” show broadcast in NYC. The focus was the catastrophic  British Petroleum offshore oil disaster. Segments include, propaganda placement, media blackout, and intentional disaster making.



Here is what I thought I may need for a lawsuit to prevent the planes from continuing to spray the Chem Trails.   This is just a rough draft, since I am trying to keep a law practice running at the same time.

1.  The best solid evidence that will connect the Chem trails in the skies to the toxics on the ground.

2.  The best evidence connection to which or whose jets are spraying these chemicals.  Perhaps we could give coordinates of times, directions, locations, etc. of the jets that we are watching doing the spraying, a nd ask the FAA to give us the information as which jets were in our skies at that time.

3.  Which agencies shall we sue?  EPA, Dept. of Defense, NORAD, Cal EPA, Air or Water Quality Control Boards?   We would argue that these agencies have a statutory obligation to watch and safeguard our air and water, and they have breached their legal obligation to protect the public, despite the evidence we have that gives us enough information that the governmental agencies should follow up and get answers.

4.  There should be some provisions in Fed or State Codes for us to seek not only compensation for harm, but also get an Order from the Court to force the Agencies to take action, as well as recover attorney’s fees for us undertaking the lawsuit.

5.  Perhaps there are others that know of suits or attorney sthat have undertaken these suits before and which laws we should sue under, be either Fe deral or State laws and courts.

6.  We also want evidence regarding the type and nature of the harm on the ground, to animals water and humans, that can be connected to the barium, strontium, aluminum and other chemicals being sprayed.

7.  Eventually we will need expert witnesses to be able to testify in court to convince the jury or the judge that this is actually happening, and it needs to be stopped.

Be aware that if we sue these agencies and we lose, we could be subjected to costs of defense of the suit.   It may or may not include attorney’s fees in our cost bill if we sue and lose, so it is important to have solid evidence before we file the suit.

But of course if we win, we should recover our costs and attorney’s fees.

Joseph H. Marman, Esq.
marmanla (at)




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