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New York Skywatch March 29, 2010

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Here is a recent In Other News March 29, 2010, with guest Rosalind Peterson, California President and Co-Founder of the Agriculture Defense Coalition (ADC), formed in 2006 to protect agricultural crop production from uncontrolled experimental weather modification programmes, atmospheric heating and testing programmes, and ocean and atmospheric experimental geoengineering programmes.   In 1995, Rosalind became a certified U.S.D.A. Farm Service Agency Crop Loss Adjustor working in more than ten counties throughout California. Many crop losses throughout the State can be attributed to weather related causes.   Rosalind earned a BA degree from Sonoma State University in Environmental Studies & Planning (ENSP), with emphasis on agriculture and crop production.
We talked about the recent Monterey meeting on  March 22-26, 2010, the Climate Respond Fund had sponsored the Asilomar International Conference on Climate Intervention Technologies in Monterey, California. This Conference addressed and “…develop guidelines for “…research and testing of proposed climate intervention and geoengineering technologies…”  But it is also about Global Governance. NPR, had one of their reporters from Living on Earth at this meeting.

  • Reference: Open Letter to the Climate Response Fund and the Scientific Organizing Committee
  • Solar Radiation Management – Agriculture / Photosynthesis / Human Health / Vitamin D/
  • U.S. Gov’t and UK meetings on Geoengineering
  • NASA involvement
  • We talked about personal surveillance and phone clicks. Rosalind’s phone didn’t work for a while until she called her Congressman, within 3 weeks phone worked.
  • Pollinators / Monsanto Seeds / Aluminum Tolerant Seeds
  • US NAVY Air Force – Warfare Testing

Topics we didn’t get to:

  • Disaster Capitalism
  • Uranium / Australia / Going to sell to China /
  • Australia Violent Weather, Radar Anomalies.
  • Earthquakes / Haiti / Chile / Volcano in Iceland
  • Stalled Weather Front in IOWA in 2008


New York Skywatch March 24, 2010

The Nexsat Navy satellite website has removed 3 days that would have revealed photographic evidence of the heavy spraying over major US cities. We received emails and comments from out West, Michigan, upstate NY about the blitz of spraying during March 20, 21 and 22. Those days have been removed from public view on the Navy radar. It’s a new form of censoring because they used to put a low resolution image of a heavy spray day, but now the days are not archived.  I couldn’t imagine how blatant those X’s and grid patterns would have looked over NYC, Philadelphia or Providence.  Barium and Aluminum are raining down into the environment at poisonous levels, writes Michael Murphy in this great article.

If those days were not removed we would have seen something like this.  Here’s another great article in Common Dreams: We Cannot Techno-Fix Our Way to a Sustainable Future

Last week, planes start early in the morning, flying tandem in the afternoon, (against FAA reg) continue during the night. The last 4 days silver blue skies. Constant aerosol planes, NY1 boasts clear blue cloudless skies, anyone using orgone in NYC? Video below.

Lastly, Wayne from upstate writes – A storm is tracking in a counterclockwise swirling pattern this morning above Maine and Canada. High winds, heavy rain, and snow in the northern elevations. Same fake pattern as we had above NYC recently. I would guess that there is a high tech scalar radar ship out in the Atlantic helping to manipulate the HAARP patterns.

Adding to the post, Dr. Michael Castle writes:


And this Day, reports are identical through out the SW US, Mid sections,
followed by two days of East Coast reports are identical,
almost a Blitzkreig of toxic compositions.  Californians should blast the
California Air Resources Board with potent letters of Complaint demanding a
HALT to these Geo-Engineering operations, immediately.  All spray operations
are illegal and represent aerial-terrorismn. 

Do the same to the County Sheriff's Office where ever you may be...demand they
contact the Pentagon and STOP the Aerosolized -assualt operations over our
Nation and Canada....the micro fibers technology sprayed is designed to infest
all Life Forms with a self-replicating Nano-array...this is a key NSA tracking
and Mind Control Weapon.

Do something People...this aerial attack will continue, it is apparent the
operations are designed to cause sickness, disease and death.
Questions ?  Call Your Sheriff and demand answers, there is no one else to
call.  Recommended Elderly wear NIOSH Filter masks if going outside for longer
than 10 minutes.

Try to decontaminate the US DOD patented 'Drought-Inducement'  aerosolized
dessicants compositions, Aluminum Oxides,  Barium Carbonates and the
di-Bromides, Methylene and Potassium di Bromides with a Lignite Coal water
Dr. Michael Castle

Airship’s recent video


New York Skywatch March 18, 2010

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Here is a new show called In Other News Radio.  WBAI 10 AM Mondays tentatively. The topic was geo-engineering, real time spraying, and the recent / upcoming geo-engineering meetings.  Calls were taken after first half hour. After 3 days of the counter-clockwise spinning storm, the next day trails on top of trails, the video below shows a yellow aircraft spraying aerosol and meeting another, you know how they do.



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