Check out this metal test video in Connecticut. Geez, does anyone know what type of metal test device he is using?  As the New York City area is being bombarded by snow event hype, check out this Jeff Rense story. Lastly I watched the planes leave their trails along the boundary of this “storm.” They were covert, fast.   Easily missed, if you were inside occasionally looking out the window.

Wide awake in Arkansas. Here is an excerpt from an interesting article Chemtrails over the Ozarks–why ask “why”?–“Why” ask I!!!…

All our life long we have seen the contrails that jet planes leave in the sky as their exhaust fumes vaporize behind them. Depending on the current atmospheric conditions, these are sometimes long and sometimes short–it has been so commonplace for so long that perhaps many of us hardly take notice of it anymore.

( view photos by clicking onto this link [link edited for length]

–these are not like some dubious photos of a UFO, the Loch Ness monster or Bigfoot to be discounted by the skeptics–these are real jets being piloted by real people in our skies overhead and our tax dollars are being spent for yet-to-be-explained reasons…)


Notice the lighter and darker colored trails. Not an optical effect. The last segment is sped up. You can see the darker trail fall down to Earth. Some researchers say they are using carbon black.