I couldn’t find the emails from the “Climategate” story.  Despite the millions upon millions interested in the story, it wasn’t easy to find on google news.  Have you noticed the false left right paradigm muddying the waters also?

Here is a link to leaked emails, courtesy of KB. They may not have been “hacked.” They could have been sent to another server, where someone had access.  While NPR drones on about party crashers at the White House, Tiger Woods crashing his SUV, this story is raging from all angles.  Add to all of this the obvious,  chemtrails, persistent jet contrails, however you want to refer. The emissions from certain aircraft that affect weather, climate, ecology, the health of living beings etc.

Here is a note from Dr. IIya Sandra Perlingieri giving us a heads up on her article titled Climate Change and Weather Modification Crimes.

Dear NY Skywatch: Here’s my latest article to share. With the online publication of the University of East Anglia’s [by a hacker or whistleblower] private emails, no one is talking/writing about the aerosol assault of 10+ years of Clandestine Weather Modification Programs that are poisoning all of us. Thanks for your consideration.

Get ready, this is an intense read, here is an excerpt:  “A regular jet plane emits more than 80 highly corrosive poisons into the air we breathe.(6) These released jet plane chemicals include: Methyl Bromide, Toluene, Carbon Tetrachloride, Benzene, Octane, Sulfuric acid, Phosgene, and Dichlorobenzene. We all are breathing these carcinogens.”