This is Southern California again.  Normal contrails, stretching for nearly a 1000 miles?  Hmmm.  Notice the fresh trail at the upper left over the Pacific. The next satellite image is about an hour later, showing these huge trails turned into massive cloud banks.  Why isn’t this obvious weather changing phenomenon factored into global warming studies?


Here are excerpts from a recent note sent to us  from our past Skywatch Radio guest Colorado Lesa Rae.

“In the woods and the city they are sometimes (skywebs)hundreds of feet long stretching across vast areas.”

Colorado Lesa Rae’s flickr account

Hello Guys,  It has been a long time since I have had the time to write. I am still working on my investigations of the chemtrail fallout in the rain and snow here in Colorado. I am a Sophmore now in College pursuing the English Major and Biology Minor. The corruption of the colleges these days seems to be very biased to say the least. I come up with more questions about what I see in my research and none of the professors will answer only saying that they are artifacts…the linear thinking is so strict plus with government grants for the discoveries of what they want you to  research it is to say the least frustrating as an independent researcher. The daily onslaught here in Colorado with the chemtrails is sickening to both the mind and the spirit. It is a shame that the entire body of works that so many have worked so hard to achieve could not be somehow gathered to a single entitity to show how widespread it all is and the numbers of participates that are researching these crimes against humanity.

I fear that as long as there are rogue groups that we are all just treading water and the global socialist and  fascists are just laughing at us all the way to the banks as their profits in these companies continue to rise as the business of weather modification has seen a rapid increase in profits in the last ten years. They have had such a great  start for the last 60 years in tweaking the cloud seeding that the planet is dying.   Current data of the global dimming, which is not spoken of because of the main stream media corruption has thrown all sorts of eco-systems out of harmony on the planet. These toxins that they put in the chemtrails that eventually come to earth and do not disappear, but lay dormant layer upon layer so no nourishment can be absorbed by our delicate plants much less the animals that these skywebs are failing on as we speak. The webs under the microscope are very strong and transparent. In the woods and the city they are sometimes hundreds of feet long stretching across vast areas. More abundant  after large rain storms they are everywhere.

Only the reflective light that bounces off the round tubular polymers shapes enable them to be seen at just the right moment in time.  I have been researching about the polymers they are using in the cloud seeding where they hold at least 300 times their size in volume as the clouds gather the moisture and the particulates which are added to the clouds by various methods of delivery like the aerosol spraying or rockets shot off into the clouds themselves. Just look up the business of weather modification on the internet and it will knock your socks off.

The Morgellons structures I have found in the past in the rain and snow are still coming down from the skies. Now with all the unleashed nanotechnologies that are self-replicating it is a Pandora’s box of tricks as to what will happen tomorrow as we continue to be attacked from the biological particular fallout from weather modification (cloud seeding, chemtrails)  as the new disease like Morgellons continues to infest us all with microscopic fibers of self replicating abilities.  I am finding these fibers of blue, green, red and purple in many more items as I will reveal later as my research continues. Thanks Again.

Thank you Lesa, keep up the great work.