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New York Skywatch Oct 31, 2009


Photo above from NexSat Radar Oct 20, 2009. Notice right angles and rippling grid.

Recent videos out there on the subject. A PLANE TRAIL OF DEADLY DECEPTION

and Chemtrails.

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New York Skywatch October 16, 2009

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Here is audio from the radio show  Talk Back,  Geoff Brady filling in as host on WBAI 99.5 FM.  The topic was the H1N1 vaccine, and the mandatory emergency policy for health care workers in New York State to take this vaccine.  Healthcare worker groups took to the streets, rallied in Albany, made it known. Things are changing,  the runaway big pharma train started to change its tune, releasing press statements saying the number of vaccines available are overestimated, etc. 

Recently, a judge halted the mandatory order to get the H1N1 flu vaccine. People in New York State stood up, notably the Public Employees Federation and the New York State United Teachers, New York Nurses and an attorney representing four Albany nurses.  In the last 10 minutes, attorney Alan Phillips, talks about the historic efficacy of vaccines in past pandemics that obviously questionable, and distorted.

New York Skywatch October 12, 2009


I was filming some activity and watched several aircraft come in from different angles in military airspace, targeting small groups of clouds.  I happen to film one of them, and as you see the contrail looked sort of normal, but no other commercial jets were leaving contrails, so it stood out in the sky.  Then the third sprayer turned on.  What is this? Where are the debunkers?  This seems to be another smoking gun.  How much more evidence do people need to document?  Check out Tanker Enemy – he’s captured the same thing and says this is a bio-attack, including virus, bacteria, parasites etc.? (example: pseudomonas, trichinella, herpes zoster).  Nice huh?

Also, to see more smoking gun footage, check out the Climate Engineers DVD, critical footage and  information.



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