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New York Skywatch September 15, 2009


Above, today’s NEXSAT satellite image over New York City from Navy Satellite. So, there’s this obscuration, plus the CARE Rocket.


Here is more information on today’s experiment. HAARP and other antenna arrays are being used, I see Norway’s antenna array will be in operation.  This information was forwarded to me from California Skywatch.

Check out News With Views article by Rosalind Peterson.  In her article, Prof. Wayne A. Scales is quoted

“…CARE will release its (aluminum oxide) (4), dust particles a bit higher than that, then let them settle back down to a lower altitude.”What the CARE experiment hopes to do is to create an artificial dust layer,” Professor Scales told “Hopefully it’s a creation in a controlled sense, which will allow scientists to study different aspects of it, the turbulence generated on the inside, the distribution of dust particles and such.” CARE is a project of the Naval Research Laboratory and the Department of Defense Space Test Program. The spacecraft will launch aboard a NASA four-stage Black Brant XII suborbital sounding rocket…Researchers will track the CARE dust cloud for days or even months to study its behavior and development over time…If CARE cannot launch Tuesday, the team can try again between Sept. 16 and Sept. 20, 2009…”

Here is the PDF document from Prof. Wayne A. Scales notes (maybe a PowerPoint document) with the Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Here are some notes from the PDF.  This is a chemical alteration of the atmosphere that will affect climate.

How is the space environment perturbed ?

  • Injection of charged particle beams (heavy ions Injection of charged particle beams  or electron beams)
  • Release of chemicals that Release of chemicals that photoionize  (barium)
  • Release of chemicals that attach electrons (nickel carbonyl, sulfur hexafluride trifloromethyl bromide)
  • Release of aerosol particles (space shuttle exhaust)
  • Injection of high power radio waves from space or the ground (HAARP, or the ground (HAARP, Arecibo, EISCAT Tromso)

Why is this an important area of  research?

  • Allows study of basic physics of the near earth environment
  • Allows for control of some physical processes in the space environment
  • Allows for possible denial of adversary communication/navigation systems (military)
  • Allows for possible new communication system techniques (military)

Current Projects

  • Artificial Perturbation of Natural Dust Clouds in the Space Environment (Sponsored by NSF)
  • Creation of Artificial Dust Clouds in the Space Environment (Sponsored by NRL)
  • Creation of Artificial Plasma Clouds in Space for Remediation of Radioactive Particles after High Altitude Thermonuclear Detonation HAND (Sponsored by ONR and NRL)



New York Skywatch September 14, 2009



The above picture accompanies this NASA article. Look at the pretty sky. The plan is to pump aerosolized particles into the upper atmosphere. Sound familiar? The fallout will be along the Atlantic coast. Some skywatchers are involved in trying to stop this project. NASA is planning to do this tomorrow!

From article – - “A rocket experiment set to launch Tuesday aims to create artificial clouds at the outermost layers of Earth’s atmosphere. The project, called the Charged Aerosol Release Experiment (CARE), plans to trigger cloud formation around the rocket’s exhaust particles. The clouds are intended to simulate naturally-occurring phenomena called noctilucent clouds, which are the highest clouds in the atmosphere.”

Meanwhile, Sky Awareness Week is coming up. Get more information here.

Listen To An Interview With Bonnie of the Bonnefire Coalition.


Listen To An Interview With Bonnie of the Bonnefire Coalition.

New York Skywatch September 7, 2009

Dear all,

We have sent out all pre-orders.  We can take more orders for the DVD Climate Engineers: War, Profit, Full Spectrum Dominance.   To order, please send $10.00 (paypal) to brickforest (at) verizon (dot) net / or email me for address information.

The Climate Engineers DVD is valuable for those who have seen the aerosol spraying, know that its going on but may be surrounded by people, friends, relatives who are either in denial, on the fence, trying to debunk, or argumentative etc.

Ultimately, we are all hoping to advance the issue, pushing it out of the limbo /debunking / uncertain realm and into the frame of public town-hall style discussions.

There are many people to thank for their help and support in producing this DVD including Anthony Matt, Alan Gross, Wayne Fries, Pauline Cantwell, Bridget Conroy, M. Brown, Chemwatcher, Alan Buckman, Scott Stevens and more.


This is a 101 DVD, but the footage was shot in HD over NYC from the past two years, capturing the start and stops, photo series of skies and close ups of the “planes.”




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