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New York Skywatch August 23, 2009

icon for podpress  WBAI fund raiser - Part 2 [41:47m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

Here is the second part of the fund raiser on WBAI, 99.5 FM. As you’ll hear Program Dir. Tony Bates mentions that listeners have been asking about the topic of weather control, chemtrails etc.   Dr. Gwen Scott imparts more valuable information.  She suggests taking organic purple grape juice to help purge heavy metals out of the body.

The Climate Engineers: War, Profit and Full Spectrum Dominance DVDs are being sent out to Pacifica listeners.  This is a must watch for New Yorkers.

Thank you all for the orders. We are temporarily stopping orders.  I can’t keep up.  We will re-offer DVD very soon.

Skywatch Radio August 16, 2009


icon for podpress  Skywatch Radio August 16, 2009 [70:13m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

This is the first hour from the on air fund raiser for WBAI 99.5 FM Pacifica radio in New York City.  We offered the Climate Engineers: War, Profit, Full Spectrum Dominance DVD as a premium and got support from the listeners on the East Coast.  Dr Gwen Scott joined me, and Tony Bates for a lively and informative discussion about the waking up process, recognizing that we are being sprayed. The difference between a contrail and a chemtrail was brought up a few times.  As you’ll hear Dr. Gwen Scott, ND. Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine,  really supported the DVD and dispensed valuable  information on ways to protect your health from the various atmospheric fallout.

The Climate Engineers DVD is also important for those who have seen the aerosol spraying, know that its going on but may be surrounded by people, friends, relatives who are in denial, on the fence, trying to debunk, argumentative etc. You can give them this DVD to watch. It will hopefully remove some doubt that we are all being sprayed with something, for a myriad of purposes, yet without public consent or environmental impact statements. Ultimately, we are all hoping to advance the issue into a larger public domain of discussion.  There are many people to thank for their help and support in producing this DVD including Anthony Matt, Rosalind Peterson, Alan Gross, Wayne Fries, Pauline Cantwell, Bridget Conroy, M. Brown, Chemwatcher, Alan Buckman, Scott Stevens and more.

This is a 101 DVD, but the footage was shot in HD over NYC from the past two years, capturing the start and stops, photo series of skies and close ups of the “planes.” We want to make sure all listeners who donated to help WBAI stay on the air,  get their premium gift. We will then begin to offer the DVD on this site.  The audio is the first hour, I will post second hour soon.  Below an ad for Miller Lite.




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