Still of two planes taken from video


Below is an email from a skywatcher who gives us insight on how the aerosol spraying has been less obvious lately. He also points out how many of us have turned away from the uncertain realities, maybe hoping it will just go away.

Is it true as some say, according to Ouspensky’s theory from In Search of the Miraculous, that “theoretically, a man could awaken, but in practice this is almost impossible? As soon as a man awakens for a moment and opens his eyes, all the forces that caused him to fall asleep in the first place begin to act on him with tenfold energy. He immediately falls asleep again, very often dreaming that he is awake.” (Knight-Jadczyk)

Thank you Dennis for the note, and have a great birthday.

Today is my 43rd birthday. A few minutes ago, I returned from a morning trip to the garden. Low-flying plane (larger than Cessna) came overhead and as it disappeared over the tree line a dense blanket of heavy chemical smells, like broad-leaf killer, descended on the whole area. In an instant. One moment I was smelling chamomile and the next chemical. It was so thick and heavy, that it persists in my lungs! Unbelievable. Was it a farm-sprayer? Didn’t look like it. I didn’t see anything that looked like crop-dusting pipe apparatus on the plane. I haven’t seen more of the large dark cargo planes like the other month, but lately I’ve been wondering about these recent low flying planes. Are they doing specific target ops like home gardeners???

Over the last month, the standard chemtrails have shifted their pattern to begin around 6 or 7 pm, are more faint and in shorter runs . . . not as thick long billowy and blatant. Heavier trails begin later atop the haze that develops from the scant trails. You can see the layers from light refraction/reflection, still quite obvious to me, criss-crossing the sky. No one, except my children seems to believe me or care.

Where in the world is this NOT happening?

Barefooted walks across the lawn the other day resulted our feet being covered in black and sparkly dust (see attached). This is unusual, and now it’s gone.

I’ll try to be more vigilant with the camera, but for what purpose? Imagine the vastness of personnel carrying-out the spraying! Think of the World Trade Center towers . . . it is right in the public’s face, so flagrant, but how does a community of seers stop it unless there are enough corroborating inside leaks and mass-mind media coverage?

} Dennis
Check out this recent capture of two very different planes in the sky.