2 videos from last week’s intense spraying.  Heavy spraying continued for days. Man made clouds followed the sun’s track, obscuring direct hit. Yet, after sunset, planes continued to enhance dark weird clouds – that’s not in the  videos though. In video below, there are two planes that cross near each other, stop and start aerosol, aerosol plane following previous trail, plane following previous trail without aerosol spray, frames of aerosol unraveling, close up on the red plane, it looks like Southwest plane, but its in the Northeast. New paint jobs on these planes.

Here’s another showing the spray planes in relation to Manhattan’s skyline.


This is a test for Airship’s recent youtube video that seems to have been stuck at 310 views for at least one week,  since he befriended Alex Jones on youtube.  Airship would also like to know if this is happening to others.