Dear Skywatchers,

Did you notice in the re-made film The Day the Earth Stood Still,  that swarms of nano-plague were deployed by an alien force to destroy civilization?  Not unlike Smart Dust and connections to Morgellon’s.  Yet, toward the end, the main characters get nose bleeds indicating the nano-tech was beginning to devour from the inside  – as Keanu, the representative, a “son” of the alien entity gives humanity another chance.

Focusing on the nano-tech part, as many already know, the US military and world government agencies continue to disperse particulates, such as aluminum coated fiberglass and who knows what else by now in millions of bundles. Check out this report titled – DOD Management Issues Related to Chaff.

“Chaff (One of the mixes of aerosolized metals and chemicals being sprayed) is composed of aluminum-coated silica glass fibers that can be spread by aircraft in flight, ships at sea, and vehicles on the ground to help them evade enemy radar.  You expressed concern about DOD’s continued  use of chaff for decades WITHOUT SUFFICIENT KNOWLEDGE  of its long-term effects on the environment.”  Read that last sentence again.

Using about 1.8 million bundles worldwide, Navy and Marine Corps aircraft used more than 354,000 bundles and 593 rolls, and Navy combat ships used about 10,000 large bundles; (3) DOD records indicate that FY 1998 inventories include more than 37 million bundles and more than 141,000 rolls of chaff.

This report claims that during war they spray more Chaff.

In the 1980s, the cost of chaff was further reduced by replacing solid aluminum with hair-like silica glass fibers with a thin aluminum coating.  Chaff was once produced using lead, and the Air Force still has some chaff containing lead in its inventory.  NOAA officials stated that their computer programs could be modified to address chaff effects on current forecasting and data archiving systems but said these modifications would be costly.

Thanks to youtuber and researcher Angelo / Redpill4u, who gave us a heads up on the links and admissions by the DOD in these reports.  Check out Local Weather Anchor Raise Flags with Military Chaffs Appearing on Radar. This is also the material Rosalind from California Skywatch, Bridget from Arizonaskywatch and many others has been exposing for years.

360 pounds of chaff from nine 40-pound rolls can be deployed in 10 minutes.  Depending on the method and the number of aircraft, such releases could disperse billions of fibers.

Below are more links sent by Angelo, another courageous skywatcher. Some information in these reports are at least a decade old, yet the aerosol programs continue full speed.

Another admission of program:

This is a frame still from the video captured last December.