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New York Skywatch December 28, 2008

Dear Skywatchers,

Here is another compilation of scenes from massive aerosol release programs over the NYC area. We usually film before precip makes its way into the area.  Recent rain or snow events that have been forecast to hit the area usually don’t make it as forecast by the “news.”  The precip arrives late or not at all. We suspect as many do, that’s because the powdered metals/etc together with electromagnetic direct beam energy divide the system north and south of NYC.

Meanwhile, the message that something is going on in the skies that’s beyond anyone’s power to stop has leaked into pop culture. “Smallstorm” sends us a link to an informed tattoo artist on a VH1 dating show. He’s talking about weather control, aerosol spraying, morgellons and nanotechnology. A tattoo artist may know about morgellons, from being up close to human skin.

New York Skywatch Dec 20, 2008

Dear Skywatchers,

The slowed down version we posted earlier could be mistaken for a flock of geese. This video is real time.

You can actually see an energy pulsing through the objects like AC current. We don’t suspect this is Project Bluebeam . Similar energy patterns are suggested in this video from Santiago, Chile.

UFO fleets have been filmed in South America, Mexico, the Southwest US, Eastern Europe. Could this fleet be coasting on an earth energy grid?

New York Skywatch December 9, 2008

Dear Skywatchers,

I had to remove video of a fleet of UFOs. It was an incredible thing to see. I spoke with Prophet Ezekiel later and he had filmed thousands in his yard after a summoning. We will have more about this incredible day soon. I will be posting more. Here is a still from the video.

Also, check out: Carole Pellatte: Local Guitarist Convinced Government is Spraying Toxins.



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