Dear Skywatchers,

Apologies for the lull, and thank you all again for the emails and donations. It takes time to process all of this information we are all sharing. Bridget Conroy of Arizona Sky Watch who we’ve interviewed on a previous podcast outlined in sort of a summary update “constantly unraveling the knots of truth.” Bridget points out how the government keeps up the pressure to modify/control the weather. This, while claiming CO2 gases are warming the planet, therefore carbon trading /cap and trade. Bridget continues: Therefore they must invest in geo-engineering programs to seed the oceans with iron shavings or chemically alter the atmosphere. Therefore ban incandescent bulbs etc. . and slowly building the convenient lie and deception which could allow thousands of jets to spray whatever into the skies.

Producer, researcher, and host of the Freeman perspective
mentions that often the mass aerosol spraying occurs when people are out and about. I’ve also noticed the timing of that, yet there are also the aerosol events to alter weather systems. When millions converged to attend and participate in the New York City marathon, the spraying, the mass budget, coordination, government agency raw power was something to behold. Below is a photo around 11AM on that day.

Heavy Spray During Marathon

There were pretty great bands playing along the NYC marathon route. One singer of a band prompted listeners to look up, look up as two aerosol jets dump their powdered metal cargo. Bridget says: Stay focused people, expose every truth to everyone possible, do this at every opportunity. Don’t make conversations a battle just keep telling the truth. So, Airship sends this video this morning. Turns out that Photo-refractive Barium Titanate is needed to create 3D hologram experiments.

Project Bluebeam, a Holographic Rapture and the Prophet Hologram

Will people really fall for this? Meanwhile, resistance to the Lisbon Treaty is a sobering confrontation that is taking a stealth turn. In this article, by using a combination of parliamentary ratification, executive fiat and judicial activism, chunks of the Lisbon Treaty will be unanimously decreed by the 27 governments to be in force, without any formal treaty changes.

From Don’t Chemtrail Me Bro