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Newyorkskywatch October 19, 2008

Dear Skywatchers,

Here is a compilation of aerosol craft conducting weather modification and control over the New York City region during the past week. Cold fronts come and go, the level of sophistication and technology is breathtaking.

Also, I was fortunate to film a pair of objects, something otherworldly descending from the clouds.

Newyorkskywatch October 12, 2008


Dear Skywatchers,

Orb Trees: This video on youtube of an Italian TV (mainstream) report on UFOs is extraordinary. In the report they talk with an eyewitness who photographed the “worm” with a telephoto lens. Guess what, this thing is packed with smaller orbs, like the ones we see in the skies over NYC. They suggest this is an organic creature, often seen in the path of commercial jet traffic.

Notice in these frame stills the red and blue orbs sticking to the white clusters. What is going on here? This is absolutely stunning, the bonds detach and the orbs move in a fleet across the skies, exactly what Ever2020 caught last year. Check out her description.


Skywatch Radio October 8, 2008


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Dear Skywatchers,

This week we are pleased to broadcast an hour speech by Rosalind Peterson, former USDA Crop Loss Adjuster and leading researcher into the weather modification programs. Rosalind specializes in many areas of consequence from the ongoing weather control programs in the United States and around the world including the damage to ecosystems, food production, water and the health effects of diminished sunlight. Rosalind also updates on the source of vanishing bees and talked with beekeepers, Bayer is involved.

Below is recent footage of weather control ops dividing a cold front moving through to the Atlantic.

AirshipAl’s view on the same day – Check out the shadowing.



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