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Skywatch Radio September 22, 2008


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Dear Skywatchers,

This week we talk again with Scott Stevens about his upcoming documentary, here is the trailer. We start out with a discussion on direct energy weaponry that is referenced by Colonel Tom Bearden in Scott’s upcoming documentary. Quantum Potential Weapons and Whittaker Beams are used in pulling energy out of target zones, areas in key weather systems. Scott says the beams create an instability in the system that makes precipitation.


Scott says in his research he’s uncovered how there is a 4th dimension access involved with weather control. – - “The cool thing is that these waves are pulsing through time, you have what you call dipoles, these spinning potentials. They go into the time domain, the fourth axis spins up, they come back into this domain, they decay, the energy radiates out. They go back into the fourth dimension soak it up come back into 3 space and radiate, they are constantly oscillating back and forth. The inverse is true, you can deposit energy into the fourth domain or extract heat from the fourth domain. and bring it back and forth across that veil.”


We ask where are the direct energy beams. Our best guess is that they’re small enough to mount on the planes themselves. We discuss ELF waves, long wavelengths that blanket the planet. Scott says ELF steps back consciousness, such as mood and attitudes.

Later in interview, Scott shares a siting of a 200 meter long cylinder stationary in the October sky. He came back out of a store 8 minutes later and “four chemtrail planes had visited that spot.” We discuss the vastness of the weather control program it’s global reach, UFOs and the possibility that the Grey alien race is involved. Though not in his documentary, Scott shares some insights to these ideas.

“They are a race of wandering beings, their planet and star died out millions of years ago, they’ve made themselves beautiful brains, their genetics are expiring. They see us as not an evolved race and are attracted to the emotional content of planet Earth.” Sounds like what Matthew Delooze is researching right now. However, Scott says after reading Whitley Strieber’s book, The Greys. He mentioned that the 6 billion Greys need human hosting and that’s why the population explosion was encouraged. This is why, it was explained, the elite have grand population reduction plans, less people, less Greys.

Here is a recent video of objects and planes amid bizarre man made clouds.

Skywatchers, please help us buy a better camera. We're looking at an HD video camera - $799.00. Any financial help toward this would be appreciated and will help get more detailed images of these objects.



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