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Skywatch Update August 24, 2008

Dear Skywatchers,

Here is some footage of aircraft conducting serious weather control over NYC. AirshipAl also caught some of it on tape. Where are other media? This is amazing. Caught an orb at the end.

Here AirshipAl’s video from his vantage point on the same day. Airship is on the east side looking west.

Skywatch Update August 17, 2008

Dear Skywatchers,

There has been limited aerosol activity above NYC, this as a storm system heads toward Florida and the jet stream is positioned near Canadian border. I was told there has been heavy aerosol traffic in Toronto the last few days. See map below. As author Jerry Smith has pointed out , the jet stream is a force to manipulate when you’re dominating the full spectrum.


Meanwhile. compliant TV meteorologists continue to smile when its sunny or frown when its cloudy/rainy. Here is youtube video of aerosol spraying in Toronto August 15, 2008.

Watch closely: Heavy UFO activity in the UK while the surveillance society rivals Orwell’s police state.

Meanwhile, Airship sends this update – Strange phenomena: Sky Goes Black In The UK.


New York Skywatch August 7, 2008

Kentroversy Papers
Dear Skywatchers,

Kent Daniel Bentkowski “Kentroversy” has passed away. For many readers, Kentroversy was very important in exposing the details and inside information regarding the global elite. He deconstructed Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut and paved the way for others to see deeper into films. Red Ice Creations acknowledgements. He will be missed by many.

Here’s video of an unmarked plane dumping cargo over NYC. This material was taken by upper level winds that created giant sweeping plumes.


An object over NYC Aug 2008

This is a label on gallon jugs of distilled water. We’re posting this in response to comment below.




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