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Dear Skywatchers,

This week we talk with author/researcher/activist Amy Worthington. Amy is one of the first to write about details of the aerosol operations during the late 90s, sort of before most of us became aware. Recenty, Amy has written two very important well researched articles on the physiological hazards of the wireless age, specifically the effects to cellular structure and DNA from cell phone use . Her articles titled Generation X-Ray – Child victims of Technological Abuse, and Microwaves: The Radiation Poisoning of America research and document the studies that you don’t hear about in North America. The reality is that cellphone users in the U.S. and Canada have not been told the truth about the dangers of wireless radiation. Now as most are emotionally addicted to cell phones it could be more difficult to effectively impart this information. There are some eye opening clues in this interview that Amy relays to skywatchers.

Some critical info and points made in interview.

* The Russian government has warned pregnant mothers not to use cell phones.
* Wireless radiation oscillates cells 2.4 billion cycles per second – breaking DNA.
* All 200 types of cancer begin with broken DNA.
* 24 hours of cell phone use = 1600 chest X-rays.
* Wireless radiation opens blood/brain barrier, easy access for barium and aluminum.
* Quiet build up as wireless technology = surveillance = police state.

Amy Worthington says sometimes it takes generations to make a difference. On the site AboveTopSecret, a message board asks, Why Is Everyone So Tired? One response was very interesting.

It reads the following: “On a sidenote, I was watching BBC’s Topgear a week ago, a car show, and Jeremy Clarkson was testing the new Bentley Brooklands, which is a totally unaffordable, millionaires car, and one of the things he said about it was his walkey-talkey, used to communicate with the camera crews, didn’t work inside the car. Could just be a coincidence, but the EM shielding of luxury viehicles might be a sign they know something most of the rest of us don’t. There should be some investigation into the communication habits of the ruling classes, to see if they avoid new technologies and what they know about them.” Your comments welcome skywatchers. The photo below is from this gallery of clouds with HAARP cranked.


In the article ELF Disruption and Counter Measures by Clifford Carnicom it’s understood that signals in the ELF – 2 / 8 mhz, (all the harmonics in the human brain wave areas) have been detected traveling for miles along the earth’s grid / ley lines. More on that soon. Meanwhile, at a recent community meeting, Mothers pleaded with AT&T and the management of 585 West End Avenue to halt the installation of several high powered cell phone towers near densely populated neighborhoods and schools. They demonstrated in the streets Saturday morning July 19, 2008. CBS radio news covered briefly.

Hearing Is Believing: Here’s a demonstration using the Electromagnetic Smog detector . It comes with a netted pouch made by Swiss Shield

We’ve Got One Who Can See: Last week, New York Skywatcher Ryan Rosado, was witness to bizarre anomalies over Midtown Manhattan and Brighton Beach. As a weak front moved out to the Atlantic Ocean, aerosol planes in a variety of shapes and colors sprayed the city with a vengeance. Could this be the fallout as weather mod tech, clears conditions to behold the sun alignment along Manhattan streets? This, while pushing Hurricane Bertha out, into the Atlantic. So, while all that happened Ryan, (check out myspace page) photographed this familiar object amid the midtown scrapers.



Zooming in: Surveillance drone or curious entity?


Thanks Ryan!!