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Dear Skywatchers,

This week we talk with Matthew Delooze. Among his topics of research is the deconstruction of energy flow and magnetic force around public spaces, events, holidays and concerts and how that energy is collected from the individual or groups to be soaked up by a 4th dimension. These are absolutely fascinating concepts that could bring clues of why sacred geometry is embedded within public spaces and energy grids on the planet. Matthew has had incredible experiences in his life that have outlined ideas of who has established this level of control.

Aerial view of Hadrian’s Mausoleum Vatican City ‘Pentagon’ / Also Texaco logo.

Matthew is from Lancashire, UK , he’s the author of three books, and when you read his blog posts you’ll see he has pulled back the curtain on how collective energies are harnessed and fleeced. How does this tie into chemtrails and weather control? As we find out more about the leylines of the planet, we are beginning to realize there are connections to be made.

We’re sharing our angled approach as international corporations buy up US highways, the Chrysler building, bridges and other infrastructure, as pollinating insects disappear, as engineered food shortages loom, as disaster capitalism weather-warfare style is quietly waged on this country with nary a peep. The late George Carlin had said you have to be asleep to have the “American Dream.”

We’ve recently learned about the Merkaba field after posting a youtube video of an octahedron craft seen in many parts of the world. One comment suggested that in one image the octahedron craft appeared similar to a Merkaba field because of the circle inside. Image below: A merkaba meditation (left) and one of the many octahedra craft with a visible circle inside of it.

Top half rotates CW / Lower half CCWmerkaba22.JPG

This is where it gets interesting. AirshipAl recently pointed out how an astronomer in the documentary “Crossing the Event Horizon” arrives at the idea that Merkaba fields are the basis of sacred geometry energy grids inside planets and stars. In the documentary they determined that the “red spot” on Jupiter, a large volcano on Mars and the most active volcanos on Earth have something in common. We’ll have more on this topic soon.


Scott Stevens poses this question in a recent post. ” are these chemtrail planes equipped to find, and precisely so apparently, these moving acoustic nodes that are now largely responsible for the worlds manipulated weather? These chemtrail flights are an absolute requirement for the weather engineers to maintain their hold on our weather. These trails can be used precisely to align the airborne wave generators to get the desired resonate effect in the atmosphere where these warplanes fly.”

As many skywatchers have heard, the aerosol operations are multi-tiered. An article that’s been circulating online for a while now, sent anonymously addresses the nasty craft of “‘Frequency Reduction’ Ancillary operational objectives of Chemtrails of Operation Red Sky: “Phase One main objective: Creative cleavages in spatial perceptions. Creating blockage in the brain of the interaction of various amino acids that relate to higher consciousness and the increase of dopamine in the brain producing a listless, euphoric state of lower, reactive mind. Thereby trapping us in the third dimension.”

NYSW Comment: Add mood pharma and cell phone radiation to synergy mix. Check out the recent article on Arizona Skywatch : Independent Analysis of Air and Water Indicate High Levels of Toxins

Meanwhile the US Senate approves 161.8 billion to continue wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.