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Dear Skywatchers,

This week we are delighted to have Stewart Swerdlow on the program. He’s a former secret government mentalist, he’s a clairvoyant, he’s author of many books including the riveting Blue Blood True Blood: Conflict and Creation and the recent 13 Cubed. Skywatchers, we talk with Stewart about the recent “natural” catastrophes in China. Stewart and many skywatchers suspect Typhoon Nargis and the earthquake were engineered. A trend says Stewart not unlike the engineered shortages in food and oil. He explains why.

Check out the photo below, taken 2 hours before earthquake on May 12, 2008 a short video in Ganzu, China (north of epicenter) before the earthquake. Look familiar? Link to NYSW Gallery


Typhoon Nargis gives up some clues in a satellite image. You can detect what we consider HAARP striations and aerosol trails. Weather as a weapon applied. We find out who would do such a thing and why? Below is a zoomed in image of an aerosol trail inside Nargis, appearing unnaturally linear. It was taken from this hi res satellite image.


Stewart also writes about galactic history and alien groups visiting the planet. As skywatchers, we’ve all been photographing and taping anomalies such as discs and orbs. We ask our guest if he knows who they belong to. Check out Stewart and Janet Swerdlow’s site at