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Skywatch Radio April 29, 2008


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Dear Skywatchers,

This week we caught up with Lesa Jones, known as coloradolesarae on her flickr account. She had taken those amazing photos of the web-like substance strangling plants and insects we had on our last post. More than a year ago, Lesa says a friend told her to look up, she broke through the veil, she got a microscope, the rest as they say is history. She’s also researching further on the composition and characteristics of Morgellons fibers. We know that Linda Moulton Howe was also on Coast recently describing similar research. The red and blue fibers can withstand some intense heat up to 1000 degrees and remain intact. Blackened maybe but the molecular structure is said to be intact.

Smart Dust? We wanted to also point out that these Morgellons fibers may actually be nano-technology sprayed by aerosol planes to conduct a darker program on human beings. According to the white paper study – Hit ‘Em Where It Hurts, Strategic Attack in 2025, they’re spraying swarms of microsensors that will embed into the flesh of hard targets and float around in soft target environments receiving and transmitting information.

Text : Ground-based platforms in 2025 rely heavily on micromechanics and nanotechnology to shrink platforms to microscopic sizes. These platforms could be inserted via human agents, through water or food supplies, or through aerial seeding operations using UAVs. Microsensors thinner than human hairs could transmit data to the Delphi database via UAV or satellite relay.


One meterologist actually tells viewers what he was told about how spraying powdered metals and chaff messes up his forecasts. The area in Florida he references on the map, is near a military aerial training region. So, are they spraying rural test areas with microsensors and its turning up Morgellons?


UAV’s are important to this program, they interact with aerosol jets spraying the fibers (microsensors) bring in HAARP and then I guess there’s no where to hide. Wait, what about a mountainous region in Afghanistan?

We’ve also watched Army/Air Force commercials designed to recruit UAV pilots, who sit behind monitors with joysticks. Seriously, a story came out last month stating how UAV pilots were falling asleep at the monitors from being overworked. Heavily armed predator drones are flying around with soldiers asleep at the controls.

Skywatch Radio April 13, 2008


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Dear Skywatchers,

We’re ok, maybe our phone lines are tapped but no weird men in black encounters yet. Thanks very much for the concern. This month is close to our year anniversary online, and AirshipAl and I wanted to thank the skywatchers for a great year. This year, I suspect we’re in for a heavy experience of weather anomalies and strange objects and more. A woman in Colorado has done fantastic work photographing aerosol planes, bizarro clouds and the images of micro-residue in melted snow. Her images are posted on a Flickr account here. Its not breaking news, but she has discovered that the nano-fibers could be affecting pollinating insects such as bees.


I was thinking a bit further on this. How would companies like Monsanto and DuPont control food supplies? Would they use nano-tech fibers to quietly wipe out bees and damage the complicated ecosystems to control food supply? I thought of this because of the way it affects human beings (Morgellon’s) mostly in rural areas, where insects are interacting with flowering plants. I hope its not true. Here’s another photo. To see more visit her flickr photo set here.


She writes below this photo “Well the insects are being entrapped by the cobwebs that are falling from our skies…Where or Where have our Bees all Gone…The little yellow fallout balls are what fell on the 24th…they are still all over the everything…after it landed I picked things up and shook them and they would not fall off…All over the house,car,animals etc…”
Holy s#@t skywatchers.

Last weekend I filmed a bright white orb that I also watched through binoculars, its in this video called Weather Mod Over NYC. Also, below is the second part of the 311 call.

Check out Chemtrail Convergence in Los Angeles May 17




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