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Dear Skywatchers,

This week we talk with author William Lyne. He’s written several books including the recent Pentagon Aliens. This is one of the first books to cite Nikola Tesla’s research and science used in the technology that power flying saucers and other anti-gravity craft often seen in the sky. So, as skywatchers point their cameras upward to document the illegal aerosol operations they’re also documenting strange craft. . . triangles to spheres to discs. Our guest says there are no aliens, nearly all of the UFO craft witnessed each year are made by “ours” in the ours or theirs question. For many reasons these days, black budget technology is hovering above the homes of millions, so consistently some skywatchers can set their watch to the sightings and start taping.

Lyne says the public has been intentionally misled and dumbed-down since the early 1900s to associate aliens instead of human beings with exotic flying craft, often seen as motherships and scout UFOs. Fine, with aliens, such as greys and reptilians out of the equation maybe it will be easier to learn how to make one, or increase the chances to fly in one without a full cavity search.

We hear fantastic accounts as Lyne describes his close range sighting of a flying saucer in the Southwest. Again, we do not want to detract from the ongoing spraying by military cargo tankers across the planet. Our past guests such as Boyd Bushman and Scott Stevens have reminded skywatchers and activists that superpower military technology is 100 years ahead of what we all know of in the public sector.


Skywatchers, Airship did remind me that UFOs have appeared in medieval art and paintings hundreds of years ago, and of course the chopper and other flying craft carved in ancient Egyptian stone. The “ours” theory isn’t air tight, and we’re reminded of how complex the ours or theirs question is.
Below is a video compilation of objects captured in the New York City skies from newyorkskywatch. We understand Youtube is saturated with images and video of these objects, mostly the single orbs. Hats off to those skywatchers who continue to capture incredible footage.