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Dear Skywatchers,

Happy New Year. It’s been wonderful to connect with skywatchers in New York City and around the country. This week, we talk with Jeff Sarnstorm from Colfax Wisconsin. Jeff says, he, his wife and daughter were picking black specs off their skin after being outside during the aerosol operations. . . (the ubiquitous worldwide multi-billion dollar program. . . NATO/military cargo jets dumping tons of powdered metal into the atmosphere that rains out onto unsuspecting populations.) NEW INFO ON MORGELLONS

Not only black specs, Jeff says larvae were coming out of the pores in his chest and his knee. His family called the cops when he explained the situation, the reaction of badly frightened minds. We have to be strong and caring skywatchers. Check out Jeff’s post to the Dunn County newspaper online.


Jeff sends us this photo of a sample of the fibers picked off the skin. Not for the faint of heart, but we gotta know what’s going on. Please contact Jeff to give him and family support, contacts for good doctors etc. Jeff Sarnstrom / E6927 ST. RD. 170 / Colfax. WI. 54730 /715-704-0322

Airship, recently caught more particulate fallout from heavy spraying this week. It’s been rough skywatchers. Heavy, heavy, nasty pedal to the floor spraying. We’ll also have more analysis and info on what Ever2020 caught in the skies above the Bronx, coming soon. Meanwhile, the below photo is a satellite view over New York City on January 13, right before snowstorm. Notice the “new natural” thousand mile trails.