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Dear Skywatchers,

This week we talk with retired senior scientist and engineer Boyd Bushman who worked for Lockheed Martin, Texas Instruments and Hughes Aircraft. Boyd is regarded as one of the inventors of the Stinger missile, night vision for the military and anti-gravity through the use of M. “M” representing magnets!


For the past few years, skywatchers around the country and planet have witnessed and recorded the billion dollar weather control program and its effects that go far beyond cloud seeding. Hundreds of scientific questions remain unanswered, in fact mainstream media go out of there way to ignore the obvious and others, including the Discovery Channel have only helped to debunk and discredit the truth.

Here on Skywatch Radio we will continue to put pieces together to help us understand the larger picture. We ask senior scientist Boyd Bushman about anti-gravity, glowing spheres and black beams. We don’t get the answers we expect.


More about orbs . . . this time there are thousands over New York City! An invasion? We don’t know, perhaps they live under the sea, or maybe the hollow earth. Maybe they’re leaving. . .?

Youtube skywatcher ever2020 captured fleets of objects flying over the Bronx last month. This is one of three groups she caught on video. We welcome comments on this skywatchers.

This really blurs the line further, regarding the “is it ours or theirs?” question. Ever2020 describes her experience . . .

” . . . this was filmed on November 28 at around 2:00 PM. I went outside to smoke a cigarette, I know I shouldn’t do that but you know it’s very hard to stop. So my baby had fallen sleep and I went outside to smoke, I noticed this cloud moving extremely fast very high up, took a better look and this is what I saw, a bunch of spheres. I don’t know how many they were but like a thousand or so. I grab my camera and began to film at first it was very hard to see them because with chemtrails around you could not tell what is up there but they were moving and that made it much easier for me. I zoomed in and I realized that they were the spheres I have filmed in several occasions. I filmed them for about three whole minutes after they were out of sight.”

“That was the first fleet. I waited for a couples of minutes to see if I saw something else but nothing happened so I went back inside to check on my baby, he was still sleeping. I went back outside with my camera on, started looking up but nothing, suddenly I looked west and another but this one was much bigger than the first one, I began to filmed but I couldn’t see a thing because it was so high up thankfully my camera has a 2000x digital zoom and I found it, so I was filming those things with the auto focus on and noticed a bunch of things just appearing an disappearing and much lower, I pointed my camera to that direction and a plane was in the way. Those spheres were unorganized and their colors were much brighter unfortunately I only got a few seconds because they disappeared on thin air. On that day these things were all over. At night you could see them everywhere, the scary thing is that they get way too close to the airplanes and that is how you could tell they are uncontrollable because nothing is supposed to be near a plane when it is ascending or descending and these things fly inches away from them and even two at the same time. But I don’t know what they are if only I knew.”

Thanks Ever2020. Amazing work!