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Skywatch Radio November 28, 2007


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Dear Skywatchers,

This week it’s a deep sky watch with AirshipAl, KSD and Scott Stevens, meteorologist and creator of During the summer Scott and other investigators were storm chasing across the United States to analyze electromagnetic properties inside the building of violent weather. Electromagnetics play an important role in the formation of storms along with thermodynamics.

This investigative work is on the outside of mainstream meteorological knowledge, and as California skywatcher and researcher Rosalind Peterson has found, there are many websites that connect private groups with the use atmospheric aerosols and electromagnetics to force climate change. Thanks Rosalind!


We go out on a limb with Scott to explore ideas and concepts related to what’s happening to the clouds and weather systems on this planet. The changes are obvious for those who dare to look up and question. The answers are few as many skywatchers know. For now, we are on our own to discern, discover, investigate and find those private corporations, military liasons and weather manipulating companies responsible for this ongoing 24/7 forced climate change operations. - materialize the knowledge into action – Scott Stevens

Check out THE SHIFT – Scott’s Podcast

Later we ask our returning guest Scott Stevens what would happen if the weather control projects stopped. The planes stopped spraying, HAARP stopped pulsing the atmosphere with billions of watts. .etc. The response was very interesting. Tree decline would begin to end, skies would be bluer, pharmaceutical stock would go down. . .

The photo above was taken recently in New York City. A multi-directional vibrational pattern usually associated with electromagnetics. This photo reminded a friend of the experiments with sound and sand on this video below.

Skywatch Radio November 8, 2007


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Dear Skywatchers,

This week we speak with returning guest Rosalind Peterson regarding pending legislation in Congress. Rosalind is a former USDA crop loss adjuster and leading researcher on harmful effects of weather modification to agriculture and water supplies.

Her recent article for examines the effects of U.S. Senate Bill 1807 & U.S. House Bill 3445, that were introduced on July 17, 2007.


Rosalind warns of more water shortages, floods, droughts, and a sharp decline in food supplies in the United States if this bill is passed into law. Skywatchers, it now time to take direct action.

For the House Bill 3445 Contact Congressman Mark Udall

This bill will allow private corporations, weather modification companies and the military to continue controlling the weather with more funding and without accountability.


For U.S. Senate Bill 1807 Contact Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson

This bill also allows for unlimited funding in the form of gifts and has no provisions for Congressional, State, County, or public oversight of their actions or expenditures.


Photo by Carole Pellatt in Arizona

If it’s passed into law, it will be more difficult to hold these private companies and the government legally accountable for the damaging fallout to other regions such as drought and crop destruction. Rosalind also discussed her experience lobbying Congress as a representative for the people.


Georgia Drought Map

Weather Modification may adversely impact agricultural crops and water supplies. If the weather is changed in one state, region or county it may have severe consequences in another region, state or county. And who is going to decide the type of weather modification experimentation and who it will benefit or adversely impact?


Unbelievable – Photo by Carole Pellatt

This legislation is essentially designed to implement weather modification and control. The appointed Board of Directors established by this bill does not include any agricultural, water, EPA, or public representatives, and has no provisions for Congressional, State, County, or public oversight of their actions or expenditures.



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