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Dear Skywatchers,

This week we talk with Carole Pellatt. She’s an artist and musician, she’s Canadian living in Arizona not too far from an Air National Guard base as you’ll hear in the interview.


Her recent article Connections, What’s Going On In The Air? Yes, We Are Being Sprayed, nicely framed the complexities and frustration involved with investigating and understanding the worldwide aerosol programs and projects. Bridget Conroy of ArizonaSkywatch described her article as beautifully woven. Carole’s approach is honest, very articulate and easy to absorb.


At her website, Chemtrail Matrix Carole has posted numerous photo galleries with in-your-face photographic evidence of man made clouds froma ll over the country and Canada. She’s a frequent flier and usually prefers to photograph the aerosol crimes at 38 thousand feet than watching the in-flight mind control films. Carole reports daily at Today’s Weather


In this interview she also explains how a deliberate cloud of obscuration is sprayed over a population center allowing for the spraying and maybe experimentation to be hidden from view. Her main areas of research include military reports, check out the amazing list of PDFs here.

In this interview Carole tells skywatchers about the Indian Ocean Experiment The admission of spraying aerosols into the atmosphere to cool the planet. Strangely, an aerosol program is already in high gear, dumping tons of metals and particulates into the atmosphere globally. Why the experiment?

“To think that with all the sins mankind has perpetrated against the earth and himself, there are people out ther who feel the world is owned by them, and then can decide to poison the earth and its inhabitants in plain sight and not even admit it.Carole Pellatt