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The “New Natural” Weather Costs Billions


In the last few days, a spiraling high pressure system swirled counter clock wise in the center of the United States for a couple days, creating a “conveyor belt” system of storms along the East Coast – Above Map. Remember what Scott Stevens said in the Climate Engineers documentary . . . “You’ll often see the trails as a storm system departs.”

Our previous guest Carole Pelatte explained how a cover of dense clouds will conceal the weather manipulation that could be visible from the ground.

We at Newyorkskywatch want to have the photographic evidence on record. Large storm systems are being controlled. Below is another NOAA satellite map from today. Notice the line of storms along the East coast departing out to sea.


Here is what it looked like from the ground. In the photograph below you can see the western edge of a section of that storm above New York City. Guess what else you see. That’s right. Aerosol contrails and man-made clouds along the storm boundary. This manufactured edge reveals intense work by either private or military machinery certainly costing into the billions.


Here is a close up from the ground. There were many light trails escorting the system into the Atlantic Ocean. For hi-res photos, check out gallery!


Notice the linear trail skywatchers. As California battles wind-whipped wildfires, vast areas of the United States are struggling with an epic drought that has millions of people fearing their taps could run dry. In the southeastern United States, farmers are struggling with failing crops, environmentalists warn of impending disaster and three states are locked in battle over the use of a rapidly dwindling manmade lake. Read more.


So, as we see, the weather is being controlled. Now, who decides how water resources are allocated? As mentioned in our last podcast, Rosalind Peterson who has been very active in Washington DC educating congressmen about weather manipulation and the negative consequences to US agriculture, tells us about the Weather Mitigation Research and Development Policy Authorization Act of 2007. Let’s work together skywatchers, send your comments through “contact us.”

Martin Short revisits his classic character Nathan Thurm, the nervous, sweating, chain smoking big business lawyer. In this skit, Robert F. Kennedy grills him on global warming and how his clients, the big oil companies, are contributing to it. – Regarding global warming. . we know it’s suspect skywatchers, but this is good for a laugh!

Skywatch Radio October 21, 2007


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Dear Skywatchers,

This week we talk with Carole Pellatt. She’s an artist and musician, she’s Canadian living in Arizona not too far from an Air National Guard base as you’ll hear in the interview.


Her recent article Connections, What’s Going On In The Air? Yes, We Are Being Sprayed, nicely framed the complexities and frustration involved with investigating and understanding the worldwide aerosol programs and projects. Bridget Conroy of ArizonaSkywatch described her article as beautifully woven. Carole’s approach is honest, very articulate and easy to absorb.


At her website, Chemtrail Matrix Carole has posted numerous photo galleries with in-your-face photographic evidence of man made clouds froma ll over the country and Canada. She’s a frequent flier and usually prefers to photograph the aerosol crimes at 38 thousand feet than watching the in-flight mind control films. Carole reports daily at Today’s Weather


In this interview she also explains how a deliberate cloud of obscuration is sprayed over a population center allowing for the spraying and maybe experimentation to be hidden from view. Her main areas of research include military reports, check out the amazing list of PDFs here.

In this interview Carole tells skywatchers about the Indian Ocean Experiment The admission of spraying aerosols into the atmosphere to cool the planet. Strangely, an aerosol program is already in high gear, dumping tons of metals and particulates into the atmosphere globally. Why the experiment?

“To think that with all the sins mankind has perpetrated against the earth and himself, there are people out ther who feel the world is owned by them, and then can decide to poison the earth and its inhabitants in plain sight and not even admit it.Carole Pellatt

Skywatch Radio October 14, 2007

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Dear Skywatchers,

Here is the audio from some of the speeches delivered at the 60th Annual Conference of NGOs, “Climate Change: How It Impacts Us All.” Rosalind Peterson’s speech is in the second part. Here is transcript of Rosalind’s speech.


Also skywatchers, Arizona Skywatch’s Bridget Conroy sends this along regarding one of the largest terrorism exercises beginning this week. Oct.15-19, 2007.




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