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Dear Skywatchers

This week we hear interviews from a book signing event we attended in Old Greenwich, Connecticut. We sat down with Bill Evans, New York City’s chief meteorologist for WABC-TV, the local ABC network affiliate. He’s also the author of the new book Category 7 which is a “fictional” account of how rogue groups could steer a massive storm toward New York City. Airship is about 20 pages ahead of me.


We also talked with two skywatchers Wayne Fries and Pauline Cantwell. You may remember us talking about Wayne. He is the skywatcher who chose to skip work and followed the thousand mile contrail across New York State.

Wayne met us in Connecticut and described his epiphany to us. He also vows to never again get in the car without his camera. Very good to meet you Wayne!

We also talked with Pauline Cantwell. Pauline tells that she’s researched weather control programs and modification for the last three years. She also knows Rosalind Peterson and has checked out, it was a serendipitous experience.


As a side note skywatchers, AirshipAl has brought to my attention a specific interview with the son of a bio-warfare scientist. This is a segment from the program on Manhattan Neighborhood Network. They discuss “chemtrails over New York City at approximately 12 minutes in.