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Skywatch Radio August 30, 2007


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Dear skywatchers,

This week we have Dane Wigington, an engineer and now a preservationist living off the grid in Northern California, he was also on the cover of HomePower magazine in December ’03. His home is a model for sustainable living with solar power, but the sunlight isn’t reaching the Earth most likely because of the ubiquitous screening from the aerosol planes obscuring the skies. In the past Dane was able to heat his home with solar power alone. Now he has to supplement with hydro and wind power.

(Regarding aerosol operation) “Number one, there has been no oversight as to the ramifications, climactically, environmentally, health-wise, virtually no oversight of any type in that arena. It shows quite clearly the government’s lack of regard for it’s own citizenry and (2) because ot the extreme importance of this issue, which I feel is the greatest immediate threat the population faces, but the second close level of threat is global warming. I believe . . . there’s enough patents, enough data, certainly when it comes down to testing, people will realize its happening to them too. “
Dane Wigington, Preservationist.


Dane has sent rainwater and soil samples to state labs for testing. He’s got solid evidence of unnatural spikes of Aluminum and Barium. In this interview Dane describes how to conduct your own tests in your area. Dane has brought this dat to Senator Barbara Boxer’s office. We will check in with him later on this.


Skywatchers, the above photo was taken over Denver. My view at 38 thousand feet as I watched a storm departed to the left while a few planes laid down their trails. You can barely make out a line around the top left. Click here for larger image, check the top left area of photo skywatchers.

Meanwhile, an upstate New York skywatcher sends AirshipAl an invaluable lead. He’s found information on the largest Barium supplier and writes: ” SOLVAY CHEMICALS is the largest supplier of barium in the world, #2 in strontium. The corporation is located in Brussels. Most of the Barium in the world comes out of China and India, where Solvay is proud to announce that they have lucrative contracts. Europe is still raping their old colonies to steal their resources. Only a small percent of the barium used in the US comes from the states, mostly Nevada.”

Skywatch Radio August 16, 2007


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Dear Skywatchers, this week we talk with Dean Loren. He’s an investigative journalist and black-listed attorney, he brought attention to the Leviticus Death Mold now ravaging New York’s housing market, mapping out the multi-billion dollar theft of Medicaid – Special Education and Title I – Funding by New York’s Municipal Labor Unions, outlining the 1989 Westchester 7 Deal involving the rigging of election of seven judgeships. His degree in nuclear chemistry and graduate work on x-ray and gamma ray analysis allowed him to work with Manhattan Project Scientists at Washington University of St. Louis.


Dean Loren is full Cherokee, his father is Mayan and a bio-warfare scientist. This was an interesting interview however it does meander through weather modification to bio-warfare to radiation poisoning. We eventually make it to the North Pole, where Dean tells skywatchers that the polar ice is being intentionally melted to allow for shipping channels that could relieve economic stress for North America.


Arizona Skywatcher Bridget Conroy sends us an amazing article from her colleague out west. Below is an excerpt and link.

Don’t expect the sky to look the way you remembered it any time soon. The government has forfeited the skies and militarized them on your behalf, with your permission, and with your money. They are up there every day putting their weapons and poisons in place and experimenting freely, in plain site, with the gusto of kids on Christmas day. And it seems, denial is the best defense. Historically, we the public, have given them our blessings in the form of ignorance and indifference.


Skywatch Radio August 6, 2007


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Dear Skywatchers

This week we hear interviews from a book signing event we attended in Old Greenwich, Connecticut. We sat down with Bill Evans, New York City’s chief meteorologist for WABC-TV, the local ABC network affiliate. He’s also the author of the new book Category 7 which is a “fictional” account of how rogue groups could steer a massive storm toward New York City. Airship is about 20 pages ahead of me.


We also talked with two skywatchers Wayne Fries and Pauline Cantwell. You may remember us talking about Wayne. He is the skywatcher who chose to skip work and followed the thousand mile contrail across New York State.

Wayne met us in Connecticut and described his epiphany to us. He also vows to never again get in the car without his camera. Very good to meet you Wayne!

We also talked with Pauline Cantwell. Pauline tells that she’s researched weather control programs and modification for the last three years. She also knows Rosalind Peterson and has checked out, it was a serendipitous experience.


As a side note skywatchers, AirshipAl has brought to my attention a specific interview with the son of a bio-warfare scientist. This is a segment from the program on Manhattan Neighborhood Network. They discuss “chemtrails over New York City at approximately 12 minutes in.



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