Orbs and Anomalies Part 1

Dear Skywatchers,

We’d like to acknowledge the highly sophisticated technology we suspect is being used in conjunction with the aerosol operation worldwide. We do not want to distract from the ongoing worldwide aerosol assault but it’s important to address and share some of this information. There are all sorts of objects photographed these days, from flying discs to amorphous shapes, but the consistent shape is the orb.


These spheres either glow or appear solid. They’re often photographed in the sky worldwide near contrails and aerosol operation fallout. Some are luminous, white, orange, brown or red and nearly in a plasma state. There are others that appear as flying dark magnetic spheres diving in and out of clouds. Your comments are welcome skywatchers.

The white orbs often pulse, so they’re hard to see sometimes but they appear in video footage and photos. There’s a lot of video of these objects on youtube. We’ve seen the white ones pull together and make a double orb shape. Are these the same objects as the flotillas we’ve seen footage of in the skies of Mexico?

In this youtube video from Arizona, these similar objects move in and around fresh aerosol contrails. Are they remotely controlled drones monitoring the mix of powdered metals in the atmosphere? The website orbwar.com suggests the technology could also be cloaking devices for aircraft.
Some appear as plasma or in a gaseous state. AirshipAl captured stunning footage of what appears to be an orb birthing out of chemtrail fallout.


Look closely at the bright object falling out of the chemical sinews. This is a first skywatchers. AirshipAl has captured a rare glimpse of surreal technology.


As the heavy plumes of residue drop from the trail there are extra bright lobes that may contain something else. Since AirshipAl’s breakthrough video, we’ve seen strange objects hiding in the fallout plumes.


Above is a photo of a manufactured orb. An anonymous person sent this “information” to an email message board of Skywatcher activists. The email and photos were passed on by someone in the UK.

He says a “strange guy” from California claims : “the orbs we are seeing and other small strange probes are actually manufactured by the USA by a company called Electromagnetic Systems (EMS) A Division of General Atomics.”

Its new facility (Bldg. 86) was newly constructed in 2006 . it is a 150,000 square foot facility at 16969 Mesamint Street in Rancho Bernardo. It will serve as division headquarters and will house program management, engineering, design, development and prototyping staff. The building includes 80,000 square feet of high bay area and 70,000 square feet for 300 offices. It will be supplied with 12 megawatts of power, which will allow testing and prototyping operations that few companies can perform.


EMS develops advanced electromagnetic systems for military and commercial customers. Many projects are aimed at increasing electrical functionality aboard Navy ships. These include the Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS), Advanced Arresting Gear, Superconducting DC Homopolar Motor, and the US Navy Rail Gun programs. Another major effort is the development of maglev technology for cargo transport and urban transportation. If anyone can follow this lead, let us know what you unearth.

So, are they all ours or theirs? Are some surveillance drones such as the fearful Rover in the British TV series the Prisoner.

Here’s an interesting take on the manufactured orbs posted earlier this year on a yahoo message board: “I bet this is the practical application of the reversed engineered area 51 space craft. The US government has had them for several years. Watch the disclosure project press club briefing video on Google. People have seen the government reversed engineered spacecraft. I bet this is the small unmanned version of that technology.

Basically it believe it works like this. You take a circle of magnets and leave a small section out. Then put in a circular magnet in the center and it will spin for the life of the magnets, which is 99 years. That’s free energy folks.

You put that in a spacecraft and you can generate power. The you have an upper and lower half separated by a non-conductive material. With the power you put a negative charge on the upper half and a positive charge on the bottom half, or visa versa, and you have lift.

It has to do with the charging of the air molecules around the craft. Several people are playing with these magnetic motors and generators. The outcome would be to spend a few thousand dollars for a 2 foot x 2 foot box with a 99 year life span device that would power your house.”

Meanwhile, David Serada addresses the point of which direction to move as humanity transitions into what Michio Kaku calls a “class 1 civilization.” This would require actually using new energy and anti-gravity technology for transportation and industry instead of weaponizing it.