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Skywatch Radio June 24, 2007

Guest – Bridget Conroy, Arizona Skywatch


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Dear Skywatchers, this week we go West, to the frontier. We talk with Bridget Conroy live in Pacifica’s New York City studios. Bridget is the director of Arizona, she’s a teacher and environmental researcher. For years Bridget and her partner have been the catalyst of information for politicians and other skywatchers.


Later in the program we go to Oregon Skywatcher Jeanne Amistan, who began to talk about climate engineering and the aerosol programs with neighbors and friends in her community. Their indifference prompted Jeanne to conduct weekly meetings about the illegality of climate engineering and how to communicate this to the US political body.

Jeanne also says she helped design a light box together with other physicians. A light box is used to treat seasonal affective disorder. A condition associated with global dimming. Jeanne says this condition affects mood and sleep cycles.

Bridget Conroy mentions that wheat production in the United States and Canada is down 47 percent. Add to that disappearing bees (CCD) and common species of birds such as Whipporwills and Sparrows.

That’s Bridget and AirshipAl after taping the program. Airship just informed me that Jeff Rense has linked AirshipAl’s YouTube videos to their home page. Nice work Airship!!

Bridget also mentions the subtle conditioning being communicated through US postal stamps. Notice the first stamp at the top left corner. This is fallout from chemtrails at sunset. This, along with advertising, computer animation and grade-school science textbooks will slowly ease the mind into the new reality. Bypassing our collective long term memory.


Another example of breaking into people’s minds with the new reality. This is also when you realize the scope of this program. Nothing is done accidentally.



Skywatchradio June 18, 2007

Guest – Meteorologist, Scott Stevens Part 2


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Dear Skywatchers, this is the second hour of an exclusive interview with meteorologist Scott Stevens. Scott is the creator of, a groundbreaking website that brought photographic evidence of weather control to the homes of thousands. As you can tell, when you visit the site, Scott has been very busy. In fact he’s chasing tornadoes this month for a documentary. In the interview, Scott explains the goal of this storm chasing and what the team hopes to discover outside the conventional science of meteorology.

The content of this show is a bit scary. There’s some doom and gloom being forecast based on, fear not skywatchers, we are challenged once again to maintain our inner locus of control and think positively at this time.


AirshipAl and I covered the spectra of topics from catastrophic coastal events to ways of using positive thoughts and spiritual alignment to minimize cataclysmic events. We think there’s a spiritual way to interact with the planet’s natural energy in the same communication of the Indian rain dance. Scott also finishes up the story about his friend who while working late at the Kennedy Space Center turned down a hallway and came face to face with a 10 foot tall human-like being with good energy.


We talk briefly about orbs and things that have been caught on camera many times and we’ve also watched them move around. Could there be warehouses of air conditioned rooms with tech-heads in front of banks of monitors and joysticks moving these “orbs” around in the sky? Maybe so, but here at newyorkskywatch, we think it’s important to investigate.

We have some other startling discoveries as well to share with you very soon. Stay with us!!


Skywatch Radio June 11, 2007

Guest – Meteorologist, Scott Stevens Part 1


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This week we listen to the first hour of a two hour exclusive Skywatch Radio interview with meteorologist Scott Stevens. Scott is the creator of, a groundbreaking website that brought photographic evidence of weather control to the homes of thousands. These are the clouds you never saw when you were growing up. Scott began as a TV meteorologist and says he grew tired of apologizing in front of the ‘green screen’ for inaccurate forecasts. Apologies are rarely seen these days. Our common sense and intuition is quickly dismissed as TV weather people lie to your face while smiling. Scott began to see through the veil of perception many years ago when he started to research Free Energy.

Scott Stevens is currently researching how electro-magnetics affect cloud formation. He’s chasing storms this summer with a documentary crew to send up rocket sensors into tornados. Someone’s gotta do it. In our interview with Scott, he explains how he reached out to Col. Tom Bearden to get answers on how Scalar weaponry is used to control weather. Scott says weather control technology is at least one hundred to fifty years ahead of what’s known or available to the consumer market.

Scott Stevens is also launching a daily radio program. Look for that in the coming months.

We will post the second hour of the Scott Stevens interview next week. In the second hour we talked about the metaphysical effects of intentionally blocking the sun’s rays with persistent contrails. What effect does this have on the DNA of plant-life, animals and human beings? Plus Scott describes more about a Kennedy Space Center employee accidentally meeting a 10 foot humanoid being. He was working late at the space center, turned down a hallway and met face to face with another species.



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