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Skywatch Radio – Podcast Launch

GUEST- Writer/Musician: Victoria Hardy

The Newyorkskywatch team has embarked on the first in a regular series of podcasts.

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This week writer/musician Victoria Hardy joins us.

When it comes to reaching the hearts and minds of skywatchers, Victoria Hardy has touched many with her down to earth style take on the ubiquitous aerosol program, many know as chemtrails. Some of her articles for the online American Chronicle, look at the sociological fallout from ignoring massive events in plain sight to the health and metaphysicall effects on the bodies and consciousness of people regarding this chemtrail phenomena. Essentially we’re all breaking through a veil of perception and demanding to know all of it. We’ve even noticed a synchoronicity between Newyorkskywatch conversations and her articles . . maybe speaking to the universality of a collective consciousness? In either case, have a listen! Victoria and her husband Chris form the band 3feetup. Victoria plays stand up drums/Chris plays guitar and sings. Find out more here.




Skywatchers Update – Listen to AirshipAl Interview on “Steal This Radio.”


Climate Engineers: Radio Documentary!


Climate Engineers: War, Profit and Survival

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Dear Skywatchers, Listen to the podcast of the WBAI fund raiser from May 23, 2007. Pacifica radio journalist Geoff Brady offered the radio documentary on Climate Engineering as a premium. He discusses his research on this documentary and interviews our very own AirshipAl and Bridgett Conroy of Arizona Skywatch

We are all impressed by the WBAI staff and their enthusiasm on this topic!

Please do what you can to support WBAI, community radio, a station with the courage to broadcast the truth and documentaries like this one! WBAI Pledge line: 212-209-2950


Never before in our lifetimes have we experienced such weather extremes and dramatic climate in a short period of time. The sudden climate change has the full attention of scientists and climate institutions around the world.

The debate is open as to what’s mainly driving extreme weather. It’s political, complex, ranging from earth and solar cycles to automobile and utility emissions. Numerous climate studies have weighed the manmade and the natural causes that could be contributors to global heating and changing weather patterns.

But, there’s a wild card not factored in to mainstream climate change analysis say researchers, these are the effects from deliberate weather modification and weather control.

For decades now, the earth’s atmosphere, a fragile life support has been the platform to advance the scientific craft of weather control. Some researchers claim the ongoing aerosol programs together with electromagnetic direct beam technology may have permanently altered the Earth’s baseline weather pattern.

Plans to leverage the powerful forces of nature have been on the table in think tanks for years says physicist Ken Caldeira, senior scientist with the Department of Global Ecology Carnegie Institution of Washington at Stanford University.

Caldeira: I used to work at Lawrence Livermore Lab where we all participated in a meeting. Where we sat around the room thinking of ways to manipulate geophysical systems to use it as a weapon. That means could you somehow interfere with the earth’s functioning in a way that you could use it as a military weapon. Could you change climate, what could you do to manipulate the earth’s physical system. Some of the ideas were, could we blow up hydrogen bombs underwater or offshore to make a tidal wave that would go over a city. The result was isn’t it easier to drop the hydrogen bomb on the city. Now, you could imagine putting pathogens in a cloud. Let the cloud go over somewhere and rain down on your enemy, do chemical or germ warfare. That may work on something as big as the former Soviet Union, where you could be pretty sure that in a few days that cloud would rain out.

Superpower militaries including the US have quietly made advances with the technology to control weather, perfecting ways to exploit the powerful energies of weather for tactical advantages in war.

We mostly don’t hear about this in the media, it’s conducted in secret, without public consent mostly behind protection of national security laws.

You can find examples of these projects in US military white paper studies that list ways to weaponize the earth’s natural forces, such as the US Air Force publication titled – The Weather is a Force Multiplier – Owning the Weather in 2025.

These studies have warfare at their center using terms such as full spectrum dominance. One goal of this US military report is strategic control of the weather over battlefields in distant countries in the next twenty years.

This ongoing activity includes modifying the weather and atmosphere on local and massive scales for future scenarios of weather warfare. The results of which many researchers say may have altered the global weather equilibrium.

Thomas: It’s very tricky, we have an extremely perturbed atmosphere and we’re now attempting to manipulate it with electromagnetic beams, chemtrails projects and many other projects.

Award winning investigative journalist William Thomas began publishing articles on the topic of weather modification in 1999 for the Environmental News Service. Thomas says weather modification and warfare go together and military superpowers have long been interested in manipulating weather for warfare.


Thomas: In the Vietnam War we saw Operation Popeye, the attempt to wash out the Ho Chi Min Trail. The supply line from N. Vietnam to S.Vietnam by seeding Monsoon clouds. They managed to create quite a bit of rain but they did not stop the Vietnamese from running supplies down on bicycle.

Since then, this technology has radically advanced. Researchers say perfected weather control technology could enable a military to withhold rain, cause floods, drought, storms, and bring any country to its knees without firing a shot.

Thomas says this is treading on dangerous ground. Its here we are dealing with the chaos realm and most likely, the butterfly effect.

Thomas: We just don’t know what we’re tampering with, we do know that as global warming accelerates drastically, we’re giving further nudges to a system that is very much destabilized. A very dangerous practice here, trying to control something we don’t understand.

Some of these large scale efforts to control weather include manmade cloud cover, over the horizon radar experiments and manipulating the jet stream.

Ohio Attorney Bob Fitrakis, author of Star Wars, Weather Mods and Full Spectrum Dominance says our weather has been quietly taken without permission.

Fitrakis: We are at least supposed to live in a democracy and this stuff is all being done secretly. It’s also being done without environmental impact statements and if the government is developing military warfare systems to dominate the globe through full spectrum dominance. We need to know, that’s a policy decision. We need to know if we’re moving toward a Roman style imperial world conquest and what’s that going to cost and what’s that going to cost to our health? What’s that going to cost to our neighbors and our children.

One symptom of this Roman style imperial conquest is the domination of clear blue sky worldwide mainly over North America, Australia, Great Britain and Europe. As a result, each year less light reaches the surface of the Earth. Truly clear blue skies have been a rare sight as persistent contrails from aircraft exhaust and NATO aerosol programs have virtually dimmed incoming sunlight.

Tens of thousands have documented this airborne spraying. To be clear we’re not talking about the normal condensation contrails that quickly disperse. And not the normal contrails that sometimes persist in the sky, because of one or more variables such as temperature difference, the change from JP-4 to JP10 aircraft fuel or design styles of jet engines.


We’re talking about the deliberate persistent contrail or so-called chemtrail. They’re often seen as massive unnatural geometric or parallel contrail lines laid down along boundaries of weather systems and storm fronts. Some spread out continuously until wide areas of the sky turn a drab gray and sometimes an iridescent haze til sunset.


The visual fallout from these aerosol programs are inadvertently captured and archived in films, print advertising and video games. They’re also referenced in school textbooks. Unfortunately, not a single member of a state legislature or federal representative in Congress is addressing this issue.

We listen now to the voices of several researchers and weather activists describing various types of trails related to this aerosol project.


Those were voices of activists and researchers describing an aerosol program, the Air Force had denied exists. Voices include meteorologist Scott Stevens creator of, New York weather activist Alan Gross and Rosalind Peterson former California USDA crop loss adjuster. Peterson’s research has examined the link between global dimming and the impact on animals and crop production.

Peterson has also done extensive water testing research. She has presented to California Congressmen water tests on California’s open reservoirs that reveal dramatic spiking in heavy metals such as aluminum-oxide and barium during periods of heavy spraying from aircraft.


Peterson: I went and got all the water tests for the state of California, which are held by the California State Dept of Health drinking water division. For 100 dollars anyone can get the public records. they’re taken by water districts, we found unusual spiking on unusual dates. Specific conductants, the ability of water to conduct a charge, in barium, in aluminum and manganese and some other things we’ve read about in these government reports. We found the spiking and I brought that to the attention of several agencies. I wrote a formal complaint to the dept of health drinking water division. and I brought to their attention that if we put chemicals in the atmosphere, they’re going to come down, they’re going to get into our drinking water supply, they’re going to get into our soils and food supply.

Aside from soft metals, there are other harmful effects says journalist Will Thomas.-such as the introduction of ancient microbes and fungus that normally reside miles in the sky.

Thomas: The viruses, fungi and bacteria living and breeding in the upper atmosphere, never before seen by science until the 1980s when balloon experiments brought them back to Earth. They don’t bother us, they live in the upper atmosphere and if they fall out of the sky, they mostly fall into the water because this planet is primarily water but I wondered and the scientists at Wright-Patterson expressed the same concern. What would happen if these are brought down to our lungs and bodies where our immune systems cannot recognize by these small chemtrail particulates. I believe that is in fact happening. I believe this is a large part of chemtrail related illness.


Illnesses such as a persistent dry hacking cough, severe headaches, nosebleeds, sudden asthma attacks from people who never suffered from asthma. Also included were the inability to concentrate, form complete thoughts and short-term memory loss.

Meteorologist Scott Stevens, says the aerosol project is multi-purpose and works in concert with directed energy beams that interact with the conductive layer of barium and aluminum floating in the Ionosphere. Stevens says one purpose includes marking areas to be made visible by satellite imaging.

Stevens: From my research, we finally began to see the military experiment with these trails to literally to chalk lines across a chess board grid and where each one of these grids are pixels in the atmosphere, they’re capable of being moved independently from the surrounding grids. 840 and they need to know how much and how quickly this is happening so, that began in the eighties, it became ubiquitous in the United States in the middle nineties and as more money has come into this project and the weather has gotten more severe, you see more and more planes active, especially ahead of a front.


This attempt to steer jet streams and large storms works in conjunction with HAARP and chemtrail marking. “HAARP” is the abbreviation for “High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project” An array of antennas located 200 miles northeast of Anchorage, Alaska. 360 towers, 72 feet high that direct high-frequency rays into the ionosphere. Researchers say this focused energy will lift an area of the ionosphere miles into space, where then a vacuum is created and filled in by surrounding atmosphere. This can not only change weather say researchers but HAARP also has the power to create storm-related catastrophes, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

In terms of moving storm fronts, scientists can monitor by weather satellite where the jet aircraft are marking aerosol trails and direct energy beams to nudge the storm front. Jerry Smith author of the recently published book, Weather Warfare says a combination is also at work. Doppler radar and HAARP are used together to influence weather.

Smith: There is evidence that Doppler radar does not merely illuminate clouds but actually affects the charges of clouds and that by how you stroke the clouds with radars is one way that you can manipulate and massage a storm front. Now, it looks like HAARP is being used to pull Arctic air down and the Dopplers are being used to drive moist air up. This produces storm fronts. With storm fronts you can drive temperatures down.

Smith says the process can be reversed in the summer so that cold air is pushed further north. This is civilian weather modification of which many benefit including heating oil companies says Smith. He says with this technology, high pressure zones can be maneuvered into place with large scale effect.

Smith: Another aspect of this is the hurricanes. There’s evidence that an artificial high pressure was created during the 2006 hurricane season. So as to be a force field if you will, to keep the hurricanes from making landfall. If you noticed, not one hurricane made landfall in the US, compared to 2005 when an unprecedented number of hurricanes succeeded in making landfall.

Smith also says that high pressure dome was set in place most likely because it was an election year. With this type of atmospheric manipulation occurring, how can any scientist accurately measure the effects of global warming?

Meanwhile, China and India continue to industrialize, very soon millions of the newly rich will be on the road in their SUVs. Nearly eight hundred coal-fired power plants are projected to be built worldwide in the next decade that will emit five times more greenhouse gas than will be reduced under the Kyoto treaty.

That and add global dimming to the rape and pillaging of raw wilderness along the way, has contributed to a hotter planet very suddenly. It’s to a point where vast sections of Earth may become uninhabitable.

As Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets continue to melt away, scientists predict a twenty-foot rise in sea levels by 2040. In this scenario, southern Florida vanishes, Long Island is underwater, worldwide, coastal cities submerge.

Dr. James Hansen, director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies speaking at the Catastrophic Climate Change conference in Albany, New York, described a very different planet in the near future.

Hansen: What would a 25 meter sea lever rise imply. This is the New York city area down here. GWB, the George Washington Bridge, so you see there’s still a little bit of land that would be above water by the GWB, but Long Island has become Short Island. The next one is Washington, the White House would be under several meters of water. You can see that Florida is mostly under water. A lot of cities on the east coast would be underwater as well as Louisiana and Texas. China, Shanghai and their large populated regions would be underwater and India and Bangladesh would be underwater. So this is the population chart. It turns out that half the people in the world live within the coastline.

Hansen builds the case that global climate change is at a tipping point and emissions from power plants and vehicles are mainly to blame. Can global warming pollution be reduced fast enough to prevent a catastrophe?

Late last year, NASA-Ames in California called together a special meeting of leading scientists to come up with ways to cool down the entire planet. It was private, no press allowed. Fortunately, Stanford professor Ken Caldeira later assembled the group of scientists to a give a compressed public presentation of their climate engineering schemes.


Some of these scientists do not think its possible to slow down the output of greenhouse gases and its time to mitigate with large scale climate engineering.

Gregory Benford, professor of physics at University of California, Irvine says the planet can’t wait for economies to become more sustainable.

Benford: We’re working on ideas that could plausibly reject a bit more sunlight and therefore lessen the warming of the planet as a way of buying time until we can get our own C02 emissions under control. It’s a bridge to the future we envision, we’re going to need this bridge, because the timescale to get the social changes into place is about a century and we don’t have a century.

On the table are large scale climate manipulation concepts. From aerosol programs to giant mirrors floating in orbit. The climate engineering schemes generally fall into two categories says Professor David Keith, from the University of Calgary and ISEEE.

Keith: if we put a screen between the sun and the earth at the L1 point or just a little to one side of it we could dim the sunlight with no complex interference with the atmospheric chemistry, there still would be side effects. To be clear, increasing CO2 and decreasing sunlight does not get you back where you were beforehand. but I think its fair to say that the risk and uncertainty is fairly low.

So, that’s the first class. Things that are relatively certain to work and low in risk but big technologically.

Keith: And the same is true in regard to the very advance aerosol or scattering systems that have been proposed to fit in the stratosphere. Again, they may work in regard to the laws of physics but we really don’t know how to actually execute. A second class we have is things we could do now and we could really cost out in a reasonable way now. but they have big side effects. 324 So, the thing that the national side committee costed out in the early nineties, in 92, using naval guns to put sulphur in the stratosphere, its fairly clear that some version of that would work but the costs of that aren’t that cheap and the side effects might be large.

All of this, while multinational corporations pull in unspeakable wealth gaming the system, including our weather to maximize profits from what remain of the world’s oil supply.

It’s important to point out that many including the researchers and authors in this documentary are aware of the ongoing weather modification projects conducted unofficially, without public consent and in plain sight.

Meanwhile, two weather modification bills were pending in Congress. Senate Bill 517 which is the weather modification and technology authorization act along with House Bill and House Resolution 2995 by the same title. Critics called it shell legislation that would federalize and create a central point of communication with all of these weather modification projects going on in the country. In the United States, it’s illegal to conduct scientific experimentation on people without their informed consent, according to US code Title 50 Chapter 32, Section 1520A

For Pacifica Radio, I’m Geoff Brady in New York City.

Skywatch News May 20, 2007


Spiral of Silence

So, why aren’t people shouting from rooftops and pointing to the lines in the sky, demanding in a collective voice to know what exactly is going on?


Connected? . . . in the same way that developers continue to build over environmentally sensitive land despite impact studies or the fall out of voter fraud during the 2000 Election, and the ushering in of HAVA and shiny new digital voting machines, 9/11 and now . . . . denial on the scale of mass hypnosis, as a ubiquitous aerosol program continuous to operate across the world.

Sociological theories such as consensus reality, the Spiral of Silence, well, I would like to stop and look at the Spiral of Silence theory right away. Here is the first paragraph from the wikipedia entry.

“The spiral of silence is a political science and mass communication theory propounded by Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann. The theory asserts that a person is less likely to voice an opinion on a topic if one feels that one is in the minority for fear of reprisal or isolation from the majority.”

Reprisal can translate into ridicule, social meltdowns, then ultimately isolation. . … “dude, what’s wrong him/her, they keep talking about the sky. Too much Star Trek, I guess.”

Fear not the truth haters. Their understanding comes after others have displayed the courage to take the initial risk. It’s a fact of life.


There’s something also called Groupthink and the Wisdom of Crowds.

Here’s more on Groupthink – Taken from George Orwell’s novel 1984.

“A type of thought exhibited by group members who try to minimize conflict and reach consensus without critically testing, analyzing, and evaluating ideas. During Groupthink, members of the group avoid promoting viewpoints outside the comfort zone of consensus thinking. A variety of motives for this may exist such as a desire to avoid being seen as foolish, or a desire to avoid embarrassing or angering other members of the group.”


Overcoming the silence

“The theory explains a vocal minority – by stating that people who are highly educated, or who have greater affluence, and the few other cavalier individuals who do not fear isolation, are likely to speak out regardless of public opinion.”

Well, the internet has allowed many to do just that. So, as we’re grappling with sociological theories of collective behavior and psychology, the powers that be do not think you’re worthy of information.


Different Stages of Awareness

AirshipAl calls up late last night and we’re talking about ways to communicate to you all and we recall certain moments of how we broke through the veil of consensus reality. Airship says after the initial epiphany of noticing something unnatural in the shapes and structure of the atmosphere, anger set in. He began to ask . . .How can people do this to us? How can others not see this? I think Rod Serling has scripted something similar.


Check out Airship’s new video page.

Breaking through the Spiral of Silence,



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