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Skywatch News April 28, 2007 – Black Trails


Dear Skywatchers,

In the last few years of observing these unmarked military jets crisscross the sky, strange anomalies occur that include shadows near and mainly to the side of the white plume contrail. The photo above was taken last year over NYC. Note the shadow. Black trails or shadowy trails have also been seen in front of the plane. This may imply a pre-destined path for marking a grid in the atmosphere. Nonetheless, how is this possible? Is this an artifact from our viewpoint on the ground looking into the 3D atmosphere?
California Skywatcher and researcher Rosalind Peterson alerts us about the black trails.
Here’s a black trail I captured while flying back to New York last summer. Also, there were a few strange days last winter when the sun was obscured by a mass of dark clouds.

By 3:30 or so in the afternoon a darkness fell over New York City and soon it became nightfall within the hour. This happened a few more times during the weeks to come. Very odd indeed. Does anyone know what this black stuff is? Send comments and photos to

Check out the link below to AirshipAl’s Youtube video of a strange shadow that runs along a persistent contrail line amid the dense iridescent haze.

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Skywatch News April 26, 2007

Skywatchers,be very careful. Massive Spraying Over New York City!


Skywatch News April 26, 2007

Haarp activity from today, notice the strangeness.

Dear Skywatchers,
This just in. . . . veteran skywatchers and environmental experts Rosalind Peterson of California Skywatch and former USDA crop loss adjuster together with Bridget Conroy of Arizona Skywatch have thankfully compiled a list of the most important questions to raise at any environmental or global warming forum.

Thank you both for this important work!

Kidstardust and AirshipAl.


Agriculture Defense Coalition State Representatives:
Bridget Conroy, AZ / Rosalind Peterson, CA

(Question “list” to Sierra Club ~ to Gore “Teachers” or any other GW groups)

Questions for the Sierra Club

The (you know who) Administration has been systematically closing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) libraries where research is kept that was paid for by the taxpayers. Why has the Sierra Club (insert any other group/or individual name, not just Sierra Club) been silent and not protested the closing of the EPA libraries and lobbied Congress to reverse this process?

The (you know who) Administration has put pressure on the EPA to not enforce water air quality rules and regulations. Why has the Sierra Club (insert any other group/individual name) not publicly protested this undermining of these laws?

We have 50+ experimental weather modification programs currently ongoing in the United States. This listing does not include some private, military, and university experimental weather modification programs. What is the synergistic effect of all of these programs and could they be causing some of the climate change, floods, droughts and perhaps CCD, which are taking place in the United States?

The High Frequency Auroral Research Project (H.A.A.R.P.) in Alaska has been conducting atmospheric testing since the early 1990s. Could their atmospheric testing be contributing to climate change, changing the jet steam, and with their capability to superheat the ionosphere, contributing to unusual weather events in the United States? Have the Sierra Club (insert any group/or individual name) read and taken a position on the H.A.A.R.P. environmental impact report?

There is a Honey Bee and pollinator decline ongoing throughout the world at this time. Without our pollinators and Honey Bees agriculture and crop production will decline sharply, along with a myriad of wild plant life that needs these pollinators to survive. Could atmospheric heating and chemical testing programs along with experimental weather modification programs be a key contributing factor to this decline?

NASA has recently stated that persistent jet contrails turn into man-made clouds that change our climate, negatively impact natural resources, and exacerbate global warming. Since the late 1980s, when persistent jet contrails were first being noticed in the United States, our climate has begun to radically change. Is the SierraClub (insert any name/or individual) investigating this problem in order to propose changes that would reverse the negative impact of these persistent jet contrails on our climate?

Global Dimming and white haze has been dramatically increasing since the late 1980s according to a PBS NOVA program which aired last year. Without direct sunlight reaching the ground crop production could be lowered. Is the Sierra Club (insert group/or individuals name) invesitaging this problem and have they taken a position on eliminating the persistent jet contrails that cause a large part of this problem?

Life on earth depends on high-quality energy from the sun that sustains life. It does this by supporting photosynthesis a process used by green plants to produce the energy to grow and produce crops. If we artificially dim the planet through the use of chemicals, as proposed by geoengineers, what impact will this have on human health and all plant life?

Geoengineers around the world are preparing to start placing chemicals, like sulfur, into our atmosphere to cool the planet. Iron particles are today being used in our oceans to create dangerous algae blooms to combat global warming. Since the sun is being already dimmed by man should these problems be put on hold at this time until there is a public debate about the negative impacts of these proposed programs? Would not an increase in atmospheric chemicals like sulfur have negative impacts on human health and increase acid deposition negatively impacting trees and all plant life?

The sun helps sustain life on earth by driving the climate and weather systems that distribute heat and fresh water over the earth’s surface. Increasing persistent jet contrails making white haze and man-made clouds, which dim the sunlight reaching the earth, are changing our climate. Is the Sierra Club (insert group/or individual name) studying this problem in order to protect wildlife, agriculture, and all plant life?

Is the Sierra Club (insert group/ or individual’s name) investigating what is triggering the broad decline and die-off response, to entire plant and tree communities, in California and Arizona? (add your state if this applies)

I look forward to your response to these questions in the near future as they relate to the future of planet Earth.

John and Jane Doe

(print this list as you might find a presentation in your region to speak-up at)

We must find new language and new foundation that will replace our original stand opposing S517 and HR2995. These bills are gone for now but the problem remains.

The issue remains the same CTs~ but now must include Geo-engineering practices and the issue of Global Dimming. Introduce the new vocabulary.

Best to all,



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