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We’ve gone into depth in past shows with guests Dr. Connie Zwieg and Laura Shapira discussing the various aspects of Carl Jung’s psychological theory of the human shadow as critical components to recognize within. We also spoke with Jungian analyst Gary Bobroff about the consequences of suppressing exploration of the human shadow. Well, Gary joins us today to talk about his research on archetypes called Archetypal Nature. This a unique system he’s formatted using the psychological insights of Dr. Carl Jung and Antonia Wolff.  Gary’s Archetypal Nature system can help an individual to have tremendous insight into their psyche, realize their potential, their shadow and gather a better sense of who they are. The story behind Archetypal Nature starts with Dr. Carl Gustav Jung, who was born in 1875 in Basel Switzerland, he was a medical doctor and psychiatrist. However, as Gary Bobroff points out that archetypal nature also traces its roots directly back to the deep psychological insight of Antonia “Toni” Wolff. Early in her life she was a patient of Jung’s and later became one of the most respect of the early Jungian analysts.

Guest – Gary Bobroff,  author of Jung, Crop Circles & the Reemergence of the Archetypal Feminine. A book that applies Dr. Carl Jung’s theories as a lens to examine the beautiful and strange crop circle phenomena.


February 16th, 2015 by Kidstardust

New York Skywatch January 26, 2015

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Dr. Boulter is the director, producer and writer of the powerful documentary series called The Pyramid Code. The series has aired in more than 30 countries and there many breakthrough discoveries in it such as how the Great Pyramid served as an energy generator. It was built on intersecting leylines and constructed with specific materials that are now thought to have harnessed and stored power. The power was created by the interaction of sunlight on water moving through passageways to build a charge using large crystals. This concept is similar to Nikola s Tesla s tower design at the Wardenclyffe tower. Dr. Boulter, a former professor at the University of Calgary is also producing another documentary series titled The New Atlantis. There have been advances in her current research as well as set backs. We talk about that and the emerging field of space archeology and also the ancient unified writing found all over the world. She is author of the book Angels and Archetypes: An Evolutionary Map of Feminine Consciousness.

Help support Dr. Carmen Boulter’s documentary series The New Atlantis by visiting her site.

Dr. Boulter’s fund raising campaign officially launches February 1, 2015 on Indiegogo.


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New York Skywatch January 5, 2015

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Today we look at environmental damage in connection with climate engineering. As we’ve covered in past shows, climate scientists have been broadcasting the message to mainstream media that climate engineering would be a necessary option, and implying that these programs are not being done in real time. Well, that’s not true. In fact there is a mountain of evidence and data that various types of large scale geoengineering have been deployed for the last 20 years or more.

We have two guests, Cori Gunnells, an anti-geoengineering activist who witnessed a low flying military aircraft releasing 20-50 foot filaments over civilian population in Arizona. The story made international headlines across the second net alternative mainstream media.

First we’re joined by Allan Buckmann a former California State Dept of Fish & Wildlife biologist. He’s also a trained U.S. Air Force weather observer who worked in the military as an for 5 years, mainly at Beale AFB, he worked with NASA, RCA, and the U.S. Navy on the Tiros III weather satellite readout team. Allan Buckmann is familiar with cloud observation, jet contrails, the military, and space-based weather information systems. We talk with Allan about the damage to forests caused by the climate engineering toxic fall out, specifically from the deployment of metals in the sky that rain out into the environment. This is not news, but because there is a well funded active disinformation campaign by the military and corporations designed to keep the public confused on these topics, its important to relay the true destruction related to these operations.

Cori Gunnells is an anti-geoengineering activist living in Prescott, Arizona who witnessed and photographed a low flying C-130 military plane being followed closely by 2 smaller aircraft. Shortly, the sky filled with long filaments that rained out on her property and the community. Cori and her neighbor Marie Snow collected samples and then alerted local environmental agencies, politicians and nearby airports. After the media reported on her story, Cori received more accounts from others around the country describing the same types of long fibrous filaments raining down onto the surface.


January 5th, 2015 by Kidstardust



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